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  • In this American English Pronunciation video,

  • were going to go over the pronunciation and slang use of DUMB.

  • The word DUMB is most commonly used as an adjective

  • meaning stupid or unintelligent.

  • That was a dumb decision.

  • I’m too dumb to pass the final.

  • But it’s also slang.

  • In these cases, it meansvery’.

  • I thought of this video when I noticed my husband, David, and I calling our new babydumb cute’.

  • What’s Stoney doing?

  • He’s being dumb cute.

  • David, who works in a high school,

  • said his kids usedumbasveryall the time.

  • Youve probably noticed that the B is silent. Don’t say it.

  • This word, whether in slang or it’s real meaning, is just three sounds:

  • The D consonant, the UH as in BUTTER vowel,

  • and the M consonant. Dumb. Dumb.

  • To make the D, the tongue goes to the roof of the mouth.

  • Dumb.

  • The teeth don’t need to come all the way together but they can. Duhdumb.

  • Release into the UH as in BUTTER vowel,

  • where everything in your face and throat should be relaxed.

  • Duh--

  • And finally, close the lips for the M consonant. Dumb.

  • Albert Einstein: that man was dumb smart.

  • Stoney is dumb cute.

  • He is dumb tall.

  • That test was dumb hard.

  • When is it appropriate to use slang?

  • Only in a very casual environment.

  • With friends, when youre just hanging out, when the mood is relaxed.

  • Don’t use it in a job interview, and don’t use it with a friend in a serious situation.

  • For example:

  • My dog died.

  • I’m dumb sorry.

  • No, not appropriate.

  • 'Oh, I’m really sorry. ' or 'I’m so sorry to hear that.'

  • Have you heard slang that you don’t understand or want help pronouncing?

  • Let me know in the comments below.

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In this American English Pronunciation video,


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美國英語俚語 - 如何使用DUMB? (American English Slang – How to use DUMB)

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