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Hi hello
Please take a look
Our brochures are all free to take away
We've actually got an event coming up
Here is the invitation
We will be having a special memorial gathering
Oh is this closeby?
Um well where do you live?
You can also check out our other brochures
Is this about Christianity?
We are called Jehovah's Witnesses
We are different from other churches
This is our name card
This is our name card, we are Jehovah's Witnesses
Umm so what is the difference between Christianity and you guys?
Actually what people know of us
is that we
we offer a free Bible teaching class
We help others to further understand the Bible
Um is your Bible the New Testament?
Um the New Testament?
Actually what we use is the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures
We translated directly from the original Bible
There's not much difference between ours and the original Bible
The version we have is much easier to understand
Is this a um um
Di di division
a division of Christianity?
Division? Oh no no no
We are not an emerging religion
Since the beginning
Our religion is actually the originator from the very beginning
I have a Bible myself
But do you have a pocket size Bible?
I haven't read the one translated by your people
Do you want to read it?
Oh it's alright, that one's too thick
I actually just wanted to know if there was a pocket size one
Nah there's only this size
Ohh mostly this hard cover
Um does your Bible also talk about Jesus?
it's got both Jehoval and Jesus
Oh so it's about both of Jehoval and Jesus
Which religion do you belong to?
Is this a large um
community in Taiwan?
We've got over 10,000 believers in Taiwan
Over 10,000 people
Thank you!
Are you interested if someone were to visit you?
If you live in Canada
We could have someone visiting you in Canada
Urrrmm it's okay
So that was missionary for you in Taiwan
Honestly I
I don't usually tab into the religious aspect
uh in Taiwan
Jehovah's Witnesses
Honestly this is new
Because I know my friends have
uh been
spoken to by
the missionaries of Mormons
of Muslims
and Jehovah's Witnesses
This is the first time
this is pretty new
But in Taiwan
People are generally very
Um respectful
of your religion
And they wouldn't
If they get spoken to by missionaries
They would just politely
walk away
or say thank you
So yea
I guess
wherever you're from
Or your background
your religion
is pretty perfect


台灣傳教士對話 (Talking to Jehovah's Witnesses)

609 分類 收藏
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