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So we are actually heading backstage of this Taiwanese Opera
Honestly this is so exciting
because we finally get to see their costume, makeup
and everything
Hi hello hello
Hey she's the one I told you about
makes a living off youtube ( I don't really )
So you pasting this wig
I know English
Ohhh okayy
She only knows this one line
So you rather have me asked in English?
What made you start practicing Taiwanese Opera?
My mom is actually the lead actress
but she didn't push me onto this path
I just thought that it'd be unfortunate if this
this culture was lost forever
How long does it take for you to complete this look?
About an hour, with the hair
Do you create a new look every time?
Yea it depends on the storyline
My role today is the Cattle Fairy
that's why I have this nose
to embrace the characteristics of a cattle
I'd go on the internet
to look for inspirations from native symbols
then I incorporate them with
the Taiwanese Opera makeup
Have you had a period when you struggled with
throughout your childhood
Yea there was a period of time
when Taiwanese Opera wasn't so popular
and there was a drop in the number of performances
I didn't want to tell my friends in school
that my family was running this crew
of Taiwanese Opera
Hi auntie
How are you?
So you came with your friends?
So do you watch this
like do you normally watch this?
Oh I love Taiwanese Opera
And you understand the stories?
Of course I do
Oh really?
The appreciation of it comes with age
Oh wow
I've never watched it so I don't really know
I practice their type of music for voices
Oh really?
Yea theirs is comparable to the Beijing Opera
We want to thank the audience
for being here today
and all the support
So these are actual money stuck onto
the banners
and they are served as bonuses
for the performers and the artists
Taiwanese Opera is actually conducted
solely in Taiwanese
so if you don't understand the dialect
or the language
it's actually really hard
for you to understand
what they are singing or playing
( Taiwanese )
She's the script writer for our story today
Master Xin Mei
Thank you everyone
Inspired by Shakespeare right?
I want to take a bow
Thank you so much


台灣歌仔戲文化 (Taiwanese Opera Culture | INTERVIEW ACTRESS Behind the Scene)

1490 分類 收藏
eating 發佈於 2017 年 4 月 29 日
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