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So Tomb Sweeping Day
is on the 4th of April
and it is a holiday
we actually take a day off
aka long weekend
and what do we do on Tomb Sweeping Day?
because it sounds pretty unfamiliar
but it is actually a day I grew up with
since I have memory
and we literally just sweep the tomb
Tomb sweeping is actually a very traditional Taiwanese culture
that we have this custom
We visit our ancestor's tomb
about once a year
I know
It sounds pretty depressing
visiting a tomb
In Taiwan, well at least in my family
we kind of treat it as a field trip day
for all the families and extended families
the family we don't see very often
to get together and bring foods
I guess it's kind of like a potluck
but at a tomb
and we do labour works
This man's mother caught an illness
I forgot his name
Anyway his mother was ill
The doctor had given him a prescription to get deer milk
Ohh so she could drink it to heal the illness
Yes but how is he going to collect deer milk?
He then wore a sheet of deer skin
He wore this so he could blend in and collect deer milk
then there came a hunter
The hunter almost accidentally shot him mistakenly thinking him for a deer
Then the man quickly stood up and the hunter realized he was a person
The hunter was curious and inquired why he did such a thing
And this is one of the "24 Filial Piety Stories" in Confucian philosophy
I think this is the newer edition
Cool! There're prints now
floral print
So my cousin is actually
going to tell us why
we have these tomb papers
that are nailed down on the tomb with a rock
So there was a general
whose tomb was destroyed
during the war
and he used the paper
to locate his tomb
with the help of the Gods
and it becomes today that
we use these papers to decorate our tombs
The speciality food we eat on Tomb Sweeping Day
is called the caozaiguo
and it comes in a variation
from sweet which would be represented as red
and the green is vegetarian
and usually wrapped in
the sweet would be red bean
and the green would be pickled raddish
The origin of why we crack a hard boiled egg
onto the tomb is that
it symbolizes the cycle of life
and the becoming of a new life
another religious belief in Taoism
is that when you burn all these ghost money
the ashes and the smoke would go up in the air
and our ancestors in heaven
would receive them
These Gods were crossing this ocean to get to a party
They each wanted to show off their powers
to see who was more capable of crossing this vast ocean
Ohhhh realllyyyy?
So they each came up with the coolest thing
There was God who rode on a sea turtle
Some on deers; some on flying animals
There was also a God who crossed the ocean via Chinese flute playing
Now the tomb's cleaned
and that's my cousin
I think mission accomplished
we're ready to head home


清明節掃墓 | 台灣文化 (Taiwanese Cultural Festival | TOMB SWEEPING DAY)

1464 分類 收藏
eating 發佈於 2017 年 4 月 29 日
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