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How are you?
Oh hi
Can you speak English?
Yes I can
Are you taking good videos?
Actually I'm a youtuber
Oh you a youtuber
Am I gonna be on youtube?
Yes you will actually
What's up world?
represent the mint skateboarding
yo mom I told you I'd be famous
I'm joking
Yea I live in Osaka
We are all from Osaka
And I own a skate shop
Oh you do
A skateboard shop
in Osaka
and we're here in Taipei doing a tour
What do you mean tour?
We came to Taipei
Uh huh
We came to Taipei to skate
Like skating spots here
That's why we are here
White shirt holding the GoPro
We're business partners
So you guys run this skateboard business
in Osaka
Ye ye
It's my life I love it
What made you want to move to Japan?
Uh my parents live there
My family live there
I have weird family ties in Japan
I can see that
I'm not Japanese
Well I could tell
So I have family ties in Japan
That's why I moved to Japan
I went there to visit
After like years and years
Was there like a culture shock?
When I went there the first time?
It was like so weird
I couldn't speak Japanese
Everything was like bright light busy streets
I lived in San Diego so
I got tattoos and stuff
I hear people in the train like
Talking about you?
Yea ye
Oh they thought you don't speak Japanese?
Oh I wonder where he's from
those tattoos probably hurt
blah blah blah
he's a skateboarder
aw he's so cool so cool
I'm just sitting in the train like
Just listen
It's completely different right
and everybody's friendly
actually skateboarders are the friendliest people
It's not dangerous
Yea you don't feel like you are in danger
I haven't felt threatened
at all
Like I got 5000 camera sitting there
and nobody's going to touch it
and the other dudes are just homies
Oh the police
and these are other homies who we don't want
these are the homies that we don't like
I can speak Mandarin
Oh you can speak Mandarin?
I actually just passed by
and was filming them
So the reason why we want them to stay is because
they were skating and damaging
Yea I heard public property damaging
So we want them to stay and clarify things
No so they just want to clarify things
There is a possibility that they have vandalized public property
I've told them I've told them
So the issue in hand is that
If the city hall doesn't have a problem with it
there's nothing to be done here
I already told you
Do not leave
There might actually be an offense of vandalism
so I'm asking you to not leave
No she's just being kind really
If there is actual damage
she didn't say there's damage 100%
There won't do anything to you
Nah I'm just going to
literally skate off
I'm just about to skate away
they will not catch me or find me
I don't know how you gon do that
but I don't want you getting into trouble
I don't want anyone getting into trouble


沒事別在台北車站閒晃 (How I Ended Up in a Police Car in Taiwan with Japanese Tourists)

734 分類 收藏
eating 發佈於 2017 年 4 月 29 日
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