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I guess it's fair to say that
when you travel to a foreign country
or move to a foreign country
It's common that you pick up a few phrases
in the local language
as you go
Today I'm going to find out
See if any of the foreign travelers
or expats
here in Taiwan
actually picked up Mandarin Chinese
or even Taiwanese
How long have you been in Taiwan?
Two weeks
and have you picked up any Chinese? Mandarin?
Ugh just like
Thank you
and hello
and good night good morning
not much
Good morning [CH]
Good night [CH]
Thank you [CH]
Where are you from?
I'm from Germany
Oh nice!
That's the only thing I know
Ça va?
So yea um
Did you pick up Chinese like Ni Hao? or xie xie?
Haha of course
Hello [CH] and Thank you [CH] are the two famous words
I'm from Mexico
Mexico! Spanish
I'm trying to come up with a Spanish word
umm burrito?
I came to study and now I'm working here
My name is Luo Ye Ke [CH]
I'm a Mexican in Taiwan [CH]
I now work in Taiwan [CH]
also learning Mandarin Chinese [CH]
at the language centre [CH]
Actually you can see my Chinese [CH]
still isn't that fluent [CH]
I will practice and learn more to become better [CH]
I'm surprised
It's so good
The pronunciation is spot-on
Believe me I live here
And I still need to learn more
my pronunciation is so so
the tones
the tones is a big issue in Taiwan
cause there's 4 tones right?
of course yea yea
but in Taiwan, it's not as pronounced?
if you say something wrong
the Taiwanese people would not understand anything
Are you from Youtube?
I watch your videos
Are you Iris?
Honestly I've never met anybody who's
recognized me on the streets
Really? Am I the first one?
Actually I'm filming a video right now
So umm
Do you mind being on
How long have you guys been here?
8 months
We're exchange students
Oh okay where are you guys from?
Oh France
Hello [CH]
Hello [CH]
My name is Chen Zi Han [CH]
My name is Rila [CH]
I want to buy a sandwich [CH]
I want a burger [CH]
Give me a buger [CH]
Bubble tea [CH]
the best [CH]
Beef stew with rice [CH]
Dumplings [CH]
Dumplings? [CH] Really?
Fried potstickers [CH]
Fried potstickers? [CH] Wow
Do you like um Stinky Tofu [CH] ?
What about Taiwanese? Have you picked up any?
[A Taiwanese Song I cannot detect]
Hi everyone [CH]
I am [CH]
My Chinese name is Zao He [CH]
I am [CH]
My Brazilian name is Artur [CH]
I'm 16 years old [CH]
I'm an exchange student in Taiwan [CH]
Which school do you go to?
Um Yuda High School
How are your classmates? [CH]
Good but I have a lot of exchange student friends [CH]
I don't have many Taiwanese friends
Why is that? [CH]
I don't know [CH]
I like Fried potstickers [CH]
Bubble tea? [CH]
Hot pot [CH]
You like Hot pot [CH] ? Really?
What do you like to put in Hot pot [CH] ?
Umm beef [CH]
Noodles [CH]
um vegetables [CH]
That's really good
I don't like um [CH]
they call um
Tempura fish cake [CH]
Oh tempura [CH] ? You don't like it?
Don't like [CH]
Um don't like bubble tea [CH]
Yes [CH]
Aw breaks my heart
I don't like tea [CH]
You don't like tea [CH]
In Brazil, my mom told me [CH]
you should drink tea [CH]
when you are ill [CH]
you should drink tea [CH]
No I don't want it [CH]



街頭訪問直擊!台灣的外國人會說中文嗎? (Do You Speak Chinese? Ask TAIWAN Expats & Travelers)

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