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So I might have told you that
On the flight back to Taiwan from Toronto
I met two Canadian teachers
told me that they've come here to teach for the first time
and they told me
they ate a bunch of pasta and sushi
in the fear that they couldn't get the same thing
in Taiwan
well they couldn't be more wrong
The diversity of food in Taiwan
is just amazing
It's such a contrast
to our population here in Taiwan
because there's such a huge variety
in terms of food
and you can pretty much find any type of food
in Taiwan
and today I'm going to show you that
just exactly that
On this single street
I've spotted Japanese
even Macau Portuguese fusion restaurant
and even if you only consume food prepared in Halal
well you'd be surprised
just Google away
and you will find Indian restaurant
just within reach
Just across the block
I actually found German
Meddittearaen Singaporean
This is honestly the variety I never thought of
and there're also a bunch of theme restaurants
that could appear quite strange
but if you are up to the challenge
Definitely request a table
I'm actually so thrilled to spot a shisha cafe
right at the heart of residential area
in Taipei
This is located on the first floor of an apartment
Aside from our own traditional dessert
we people in Taiwan
are actually really adventurous and open minded
when it comes to dessert
dun dun dun
can you believe we actually have crounts in Taiwan?
the point is
you really don't have to try the local foods
to enjoy your journey here
in Taiwan
Did you find something you are craving?
because if you didn't
I'd be pretty disappointed
not that it(I) matters anyway


台灣的多元飲食文化,外國人不用擔心! (What if I Don't Like Taiwanese Food?)

1554 分類 收藏
eating 發佈於 2017 年 4 月 29 日
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