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  • When you visit a website, you might see activity in the lower left corner of your browser.

  • This is the status bar, showing you requests being made to the web server.

  • Web servers host the content of each website, like articles, videos, or images.

  • Some servers also host advertising content. These are called ad servers.

  • In order to show an ad, a website sends a request to an ad server.

  • After receiving the request, the ad server looks through all available display banners

  • to pick the one that's most relevant one for you.

  • For example, if an advertiser is promoting different products for different regions,

  • the ad server will find the best one to show you based on your current location.

  • Once the ad has been selected, it will be returned to the page that you're viewing

  • "After you've seen the ad, the ad server counts an impression,

  • tracking that the ad has been served. "

  • Ad servers also track clicks, so advertisers can see how people are responding to their

  • different ads.

  • Because the ads are controlled by the ad server, once an advertiser sees that one ad is more

  • popular than others, they can adjust the settings in the ad server so the winining ad serves

  • more often.

  • This process -- from the ad server receiving the request, selecting the best ad, and then

  • counting an impression - happens with each ad that's served. It only takes a fraction

  • of a second to match an ad with each request.

  • This dialogue between the web page, web server, and ad server is called third-party ad serving.

  • Because it allows for them to report on impressions and clicks - and also change their ads on

  • the fly - third-party ad serving is a common way for advertisers and ad agencies to manage

  • online display campaigns.

  • Now that you know what's happening behind the scenes, keep an eye on the lower corner

  • of your browser the next time you're surfing the web.

When you visit a website, you might see activity in the lower left corner of your browser.


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在線廣告101:顯示廣告 (Online Ads 101: Display ads)

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