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My friends!
Over here, my friends!
Well it took you long enough to finally find me.
My Friend, where have you been?
I have given you clear directions.
(Spints on floor)
Aghh, it doesn't matter my friend.
Let's get inside and let's learn Russian accent.
Come on in.
And remember take shoes off!
Make Borscht Hot.
Guests are here now.
Now before we start the tutorial, I will tell you a few benefits of speaking with a Russian accents.
So you at least know what you're getting yourself into.
The first benefit, which is pretty much instant,
when you speak with a Russian accent,
people will instantly start to respect you much much more.
The second benefit is you will develop a huge, a very very huge facial hair growth.
The third benefit - you'll experience very very high muscle growth
and the huge overflow testosterone hormones.
Now you might think to yourself, "This is all bullshit, Popovski you're lying to us."
No, my friend, I'm the number 1 prove to it.
When I go outside and I see hot bitch I like,
I only talk to her and I said,
"Hey, Baby! Do you want to see how big my potato is?"
And instantly her virgina turned into a waterfall.
Popovski Blin, shut the f*ck up!
Ms. Popovski's probably going to watch this and hit you with frying pan.
Oh shit I forgot!
Step number 1:
If you want to speak with an authentic Russian accent,
you will have to make your voice very deep.
So that means, the voice you're talking with now, you have to lower it at least one full octave.
So you do not sound like a little bitch when you speak.
Because speaking with a Russian accent and having a high pitch voice like a little succumb*
just does not fit well together my friends.
So, my friends, I suggest to you train your voice to speak a very low tone.
And lower it a full octave for the best effect of the Russian accent.
Now, step number 2.
If you want to speak English with a Russian accent, you have to train yourself to speak very slowly,
and make your speech flow like a river.
Because we Russians, when we speak English we really do not like to rush things, you know?
We really want to take our time because we are very shit at pronouncing everything.
So we just try to keep it slow and keep it flowing.
Now this brings us to step number 3.
It is prounication of words.
My friends, as you can probably tell, when you hear a Russian speak English or any other language with his native accent,
you can pretty much tell his pronunciation is complete shit.
It is very essential that you always pronounce every single letter in every single word.
Remember, my friends, when a Russian speaks English, he does not know the concept of silent letters.
Every single letter that gets pronounced equally.
Now, just to give you a rough idea where we are at,
we are going to combine all of those three steps and pronounce this sentence, my friends,
so you'll hear how it would sound with a Russian accent.
"My Name is Anton."
"Every morning I usually get up at 7 o'clock and brush my teeth."
Or let's take this sentence for example.
"Jack and Jill Went up the hill to make potato harvest."
"Jack fell..."
Popvski, that's not how the saying goes!
And step four is to roll your Rs.
As you see, my friends, I do not hide my Rs.
I roll them out as they are.
You know in the most English languages you barely ever hear the letter r because...
I don't know English and American people are ashamed of it and they don't pronounce it properly.
But the Russian f*ck that shit, we pronounce it as it is.
So, train to roll the r like this, like I'm doing right now.
Now step number five is going to be once more for the advanced students and it is the Hs.
You know, in the Russian language, we usually pronounce h as a /h/, like that.
So, for example, if you would like to say sentence such as
"Hot potato, hot potato, harvest hot potato."
As you see, my friends, my Hs are very harsh and very hard.
And they sound from the very back of my throat.
So you have to train yourself to make your Hs sound very rough and strong from the back of your throat, my friends.
And if you do that, my friends, you'll be on your way to the perfect Russian accent.
We only have one more step to go.
Now the very last step, step number 6 is to take into consideration that, we Russians, we do not like articles,
such as "the", "a", stuff like that.
So in each sentence you speak, you just f*ck all the articles and you say the entire sentence without articles.
Now let us take this sentence for example.
"I went to the shop to buy a mushroom to make myself a hot soup."
You will pronounce in Russian accent such as
"I went to shop to buy mushroom to make hot soup."
or for example let's take sentence "I killed this camel because it was a bitch to me.", would sound like
"I killed camel because it was bitch to me."
As you see, my friends, the sentences are way shorter and you save way more oxygen this way.
So this way you will not risk suffocating in sentence, my friends.
So my friends, this is basically been it for the Russian accent tutorial.
I have told you everything I could and I have really tried to make this tutorial as indepth as possible to help you master the best Russian accent you can.
So maybe one day you'll even be able to speak like I do.
My friend!
Are you sure you do not want to stay for hot shashlik?
We are going to make shashlik now,
you can stay, my friend.
Ahh, no? You have to go?
Ahhh, okay my friend.
But remember,
you are always welcome in my house,
but as long as you take your shoes off.
I do not like dirty floor.
But my friend, just follow the path.
Whatever you do, do not go into the forest.
There are a lot of bears there.
And yea,
you will have very bad time if bear catches you.
But anyways, my friends, I will see you in next video
and stay safe.
Have a good day!


【俄羅斯腔】Fighting!來聽懂戰鬥民族用俄羅斯腔說英文吧! (RUSSIAN ACCENT TUTORIAL)

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