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Australia. We're one of the most wasteful countries in the developed world.
Every year the waste we generate is growing at twice the rate of our population.
As a nation, we use over 10 million plastic bags a day
causing a crisis in our oceans.
So how did it come to this?
Back in the 60s we pioneered recycling programs...
"A plea has gone out to all Australians. Recycling is in."
...and launched campaigns to keep Australia beautiful.
"January 21st 1989 has been proclaimed Clean Up Australia Day."
So what has changed?
To find out, I'm going to dive into Australia's waste problem...
"I saw about five fish and a lot more rubbish."
...challenge a street of every day Aussies...
"Can I steal your bin?"
...to reduce the staggering amount of waste we're producing.
"The average family throws out over $3,500 worth of food a year."
Shocked by the mountains of food waste happening on farms...
"I don't like to watch that."
...I go head-to-head with the major supermarkets and confront them on their cosmetic standards.
- "Our Odd Bunch range has been going for a while." - "No, no, but I'm saying put it on there with your proper stuff."
I chase down the politicians...
"Wait for me!"
- "I've got a child, be careful!" - "You want to protect that child's future."
...and ask why they haven't banned the plastic bag.
"Environment Minister, do you want to sort this out?"
...and show the shocking consequences of our addiction to fast fashion.
"Every 10 minutes we throw out this many clothes."
Will we all think differently about our morning ritual...
"We're declaring a war on waste, Melbourne."
...when we learn the facts?
"50,000 coffee cups in this tram alone and we throw out a billion a year."
"They all go to landfill."
I want to find out why we've become a throw away society.
And more importantly, what can we do about it?
It's time to start a War on Waste.


【垃圾的戰爭】你究竟在生活中製造了多少垃圾?值得深思的社會議題 (War On Waste: Extended Sneak Peek)

1735 分類 收藏
Cindy Liu 發佈於 2017 年 4 月 23 日
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