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I love your stuff. I see your shows and stuff like that.
And I loved your dad so much, Steve Irwin.
Thank you.
This is the cutest. It's you and your dad.
It is. Yeah. Aww. So that's actually a little green iguana.
And they love flowers. They love the hibiscus flowers.
It's like catnip for them. They just love it!
This is so cool to see you like this. You're actually your dad!
I mean, this is like...you're so excited!
My dad was actually on this Tonight Show, quite a while ago.
So it's really nice to be able to follow in his footsteps.
It's really great.
This means a lot to me. I'm so happy you're here...I love your enthusiasm.
You love animals. You love the wildlife.
Absolutely! You know that...it's just in my blood.
My family and I were...I've actually grown up at Australia Zoo.
So I think I'm the luckiest kid on planet Earth.
I know. Look at this. Growing up with...this is your buddy.
Yeah, this is the beautiful Siam, the Elephant. She's very cute.
You guys host a fundraiser every year, in your dad's honor.
We do. Yeah, so it's called the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner.
And this year, it's in LA, on May 13th.
And it's all about celebrating everything that Dad loved.
And it's a really big fundraiser to raise money for Wildlife Warriors.
So we're encouraging everyone to come and join us.
-He did so much. You do so much. The family. -Thank you so much.
You brought some animals with you tonight.
Yes, we did.
I'm a little...gotta be honest...I'm a little afraid of animals so...
That's alright. We'll help you overcome your fear.
Thank you.
Okay...that looks dangerous.
Alright, so...
Are we having a...is that a picnic?
-No, not quite. -We're just gonna eat together.
So, this one...this is Beetlejuice, the African Dwarf crocodile.
-Isn't he just amazing? -Yeah. -He's gorgeous. -Okay...
Now, would you like to pat it? Would you like to give him a little pat?
Yeah, does he have teeth inside?
-Yeah, he does. -He does have teeth? He does.
But my dad called them "frogs with sharp teeth". You've got nothing to worry about.
-Okay... -Here you go, you pat him on the tail.
But you're not gonna move, right?
No, no. We'll be all good. We'll be all good.
There you go. Well done!
That's amazing. Good job!
These crocodiles are amazing 'cause they're just like modern-day dinosaurs.
-They're so special. -You're so cool. I love you.
Yeah, aren't they amazing? Don't you love his little eyes?
Yeah, I like the dots on his mouth.
Yeah, it's like a little leopard. It's amazing.
-Beautiful. -Alright, so...
Is he going to grow up and become, like, a giant?
Well, he'll only be about five feet. So not too massive.
But, back in Australia, we've got the saltwater crocodile,
and they grow to about 16 feet in length. -That's ridiculous.
-They're massive. -That is ridiculous. -They are huge.
Well, nice meeting you.
-Yeah, bye. -Bye, buddy. Bye!
Thank you, Beetlejuice.
Alright, what else do we got?
-Ok, so, next up, we've got another really fun animal. -Ok.
-Hey, this is Mickey. This is Mickey. -He's really cute! Oh my...
He's a screaming armadillo. How cute is he?
Oh my god. He looks like Donald Trump toupee.
Awww. It's true. It's true.
I've never seen the other side of it...yeah, but that's it!
But he's amazing. So he's an armadillo, and you can see that armor plating that he has.
And his defense mechanism is to make this wild, screaming noise.
So I'm going to give him a little tickle 'cause when he tickles, sometimes he has a little talk.
What do you think? Let's see. Do you want to give him a little tickle?
-Sure. -On his little belly?
No, he loves it. It's ok. There you go.
Oh, good job!
-He's pushing away. -I bet he is.
-Is that what he does? -Well, you want make a little noise?
-What do you think? What do you think? No? -Yeah, he made it.
Well, you know, his mother is very good at making him talk.
So, what do you think? Jamie, do you want to come on up? Thank you.
-You're his mother? -Yeah. Yeah, there you go.
Alright so, just be warned. It's very loud and it doesn't stop.
-Okay. -Alright, ready?
-It's like a car alarm. -Oh my god.
-Aw, he's really cute! -Isn't he amazing?
-I'm sorry, buddy. -He's like a little baby. -He really is cute. I want one. I know. I know.
-He's got a lot to say. -He's got a lot to say. I do love him.
Ok, alright, we'll get him some food. Oh I love him.
-That's great. -That's awesome. -I love him.
So, the next animal...I want you to come around for this one.
-Is that ok? Ok. -Yeah, ok, I'm just worried I'll get nervous.
-So this next one is a lot of fun. It's one of my favorite animals. -Yeah.
-And her name is Lady. -Of course it's Lady. -She's so cute.
No, they trick you with the names and it's, like, an evil thing.
-Aww, you'll love it. She's beautiful. -It's got to (be) like a giant.
-Here she is. -What is it? What is it? What is it?
-Hi Lady. -Ah, no...
-You want to hold it? -No! AHAHA...AHA. -Oh, good job. -Ooh..Gosh...
Well, she's actually...I think she's maybe constricting you a little bit, so that's good.
Yeah, she is. This is like...I can feel it squeezing. It's like...
-Yeah, this is the red-tailed boa. -She's trying to kill me. -They're amazing.
No, you'll be fine. But they do have an interesting way of catching their prey.
They go in this "S" position, and then all of a sudden, they strike and grab their prey, coil around it, and that's how they kill them.
-Oh, yeah... -Isn't that just fascinating?
I feel it's in the "S" position right now. I feel like that's the letter "S", if i know my uncle that well.
-There you go. -No, he's squeezing my hand.
Alright, how about this? Ok, now he's squeezing me. Alright, you got it?
-I don't want you or me getting squeezed. Yeah, we're good.
-OH NOOO!!! Get away from me! Absolutely not. -That's all good.
-Thank you very much. -Good job.
Thank you, buddy. Alright, buddy. There you go. There you go. Now I'm squeezing you.
-Now I'm squeezing him. -That was no easy thing.
-I started squeezing him. I didn't know what to do. It was my defense mechanism. -Yeah, exactly.
When he comes on the show, I literally tried to squeeze him.
-Alright, so next, I think I'm going to do something a little more cute and fluffy for you. -Let's do it.
-Alright, so let's come on down here. -Yeah, let's go.
-And this is a beautiful animal. -Oh no...oh yess...
and from the National Aviary. -I love sloths.
This is Valentino, and he's a little 8-pound baby sloth. And aww, he's just beautiful.
So I'm going to grab some vegetables. He loves his veggies.
Where do you find this type of animal?
-So, these ones actually occur in South America. He's got really soft fur, and he loves his veggies. -He does?
-But the interesting thing with these guys, as you can see, he's hanging upside down. -Yeah.
And they're very good at climbing.
In fact, they spend pretty much all of their life in a tree.
And they're the slowest moving mammal on the planet.
-Oh really? -Yeah. -You've got to see me at the gym. -It's just wild.
Here you go. You want a carrot? You've got to pat him.
-There you go. So soft, isn't he? -He really is. Oh, I love him.
This is an 8-pound sloth and he doesn't like to be held.
But I've got a 25-pound sloth who loves cuddles, so this is Serenity.
So you can just...so she'll just wrap around you.
-What do I do? -There you go. -I don't know. Am I good? -Feed it a little grape.
Well done. She loves grapes.
You know what, I think it's official.
You are the "sloth whisperer". You're amazing.
I figured it's a good time that you're leaving. I would like to go.
Oh, she's starting to eat me. That's not good.
Now what does she think? Does she think I'm a tree right now? A talking tree?
Yeah, I think so. I think she really likes you. She really does. And it's amazing.
-She likes grapes? -Yeah, she does. That's actually her favorite food.
-The other one likes veggies. She likes grapes. -Yeah, loves grapes.
And she'll actually, occasionally, eat a little egg as well.
Can you see it? I'm going to stand that way.
-Do you want a little grape? There you go. -Can you see her eating? It's really cute.
Now, these ones are so funny because they're actually so slow-moving that moss and algae can actually grow on their fur.
-Is that right? -Yeah, it's pretty crazy, isn't it? -Get it together! -It's just wild.
-I love this. I love you. Thank you for bringing all these fun animals, and gosh, what a treat, man! -Thank you.
-So fun. -Robert Irwin, everybody. We'll be right back.



【吉米秀】與鱷魚先生的兒子一起擁抱樹懶吧!(Robert Irwin and Jimmy Cuddle a Sloth)

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