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Hi guys
Sorry I'm a youtuber
How do you guys like living in Taiwan?
How long have you been here?
I've been here for a long time
about 20 years almost
But are you getting used to the culture?
Do you like the food?
I'm more like a Taiwanese anyway
You are more like a Taiwanese?!
So you recognize yourself as Taiwanese?
Sorry I'm going to walk you to your car
and um
you've been here 20 years
Where are you from?
What made you wnat to come here?
Anyway I run my company here
You run your company here?! Wow!
That is very impressive
What do you do?
Exports? Wow
From Taiwan to Nigeria?
And do you export food or?
Textile? Wow!
I mean I can see from um
You are very fashionable
Do you hire Taiwanese people?
But how do you communicate with them?
in Chinese, I do speak Chinese
Oh okayy
Oh it's gone don't worry
Oh I'm so sorry
Nah it's okay
Um did I make you miss your um
No no no
I drove myself
You speak Taiwanese?
I mean Chinese
Kind of kind of
Can you show us?
Can you speak Mandarin Chinese?
Yes yes I can
It's really impressive!
Wow I'm shocked
No but like
How hard was it for you to learn Mandarin?
It must have been really hard when you came
Um kind of
But what motive did you
have to move to Taiwan?
How do you know
to set up a business here?
because normal...regular Nigerian wouldn't know, right?
because it's kind of a family business
Oh a family busienss
When I was a student, I did come here
Are these all your friends that run companies in Taiwan?
Some are working here
Some run their own business too
No I'm just really impressed
Okay you can talk to him
His Chinese is better than mine too
Oh okay
But your English is very good
No need for Chinese
Well I studied back in Canada
So what were you talking about yes
Well because I am a youtuber
I do street interveiws
So I just want to find out
Why did you guys come to Taiwan
and how are you guys living in a foreign country?
because it's just really interesting to me
So I'm running export business
and some people are working
and some poeple are studying
Yea some people are studying in academy
and universities in Taiwan
Everyone is from Nigeria
Ohh everyone's from Nigeria
Once in a while we meet
each other
to have some memory of Nigeria
Wow how long have you guys been here?
Some very long, some very new
Some one month, some 20 years
for me, it's 27 years
So it's a very long time
So do you miss home?
Um definitely definitely
There's no place like home you know
I know but what about the food and
The food, same thing, we miss the food
we miss home food
but how do you find living in Taiwan?
Is it a place you want to live permanently?
Um well
You know you can never decide the future
maybe you say yes
later things change
it depends
Do you have family here?
Yea my wife is Chinese
Your wife is Chinese? Wow
We married, have a child
We started here in Taiwan
So this is your home
Um second home yes
i have my first home and this is my second home
But you been here 27 years
That's right
So do you see yourself as Taiwanese?
Well I tried
I tried to see myself as Taiwanese
But it's really hard no?
Yea it's really hard
Because I talked to some students and
in the university
and they said people stare at them
and it's normal
Yea yea it's common
But I try to be
as Taiwnaese
Sometimes it's tough
Yea it is really tough
because physical appearance just looks different
Thank you
It's just mind blwoing


非洲老闆台灣生活27年 (Living in Taiwan for 27 years!)

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