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Hi guys!
This is Tomorrowland.
And this is Antwerp.
We stayed in an Airbnb apartment in Antwerp,
but I forgot to do a room tour.
We lied,
we're back at another Asian restaurant.
Because our apartment in Antwerp was just, like,
5 minutes walk from Chinatown,
so we couldn't help it.
The host that um...
rented out the Airbnb
for us, he was so helpful
and he recommended this place
it has to be good!
This first one that we got was a
Salted Egg
with meat
and veggies
Here's some...
white radish cake
(in cantonese)
Almost forgot to record this
chicken curry hot pot.
W: Garlic ribs J: Garlic! Yum!
We arrived in Antwerp on a public holiday
and everything was closed except for this one restaurant in Chinatown.
Lucky it was yummy!
The one thing that ignited our entire Euro Trip, was Tomorrowland.
Getting tickets were a bit of a struggle,
but, we made it!
We met up with our cousins and their friends at the festival
and it was so great to see other Australians
all the way on the other side of the world.
Tomorrowland was so well designed
especially main stage.
And as night hit,
everything lit up
and became even more amazing!
The people of tomorrow are encouraged to respect eachother
and mother nature.
So you'll find much of the theming revolves around nature.
Every year,
Tomorrowland aims to unite the hearts of people from all around the world
to celebrate life
in one of the biggest festivals in the world.
We got to see some amazing sets
by world famous DJs
like Armin Van Buuren
Alesso, David Guetta,
Martin Garrix
and Steve Aoki.
Unfortunately, because of copyright reasons,
I couldn't include the real sound of a lot of this footage.
But, I have included a link in the description box below
to official footage
captured by Tomorrowland.
At Tomorrowland,
you'll find a mix of people from all walks of life.
But you will quickly find,
we are all united
by a positive, accepting attitude
and like us,
you'll return home with many new friends.
We loved the fireworks displays at the end of every night.
I think the second night was my favourite!
It was so nice to be able to share this experience
with some of my closest family and friends.
Here's to friends from all around the world
new and old,
Live today,
Love tomorrow,
Unite forever.
Thank you for the memories Tomorrowland.
Good morning guys, it's been a while.
We've just been to 3 days of Tomorrowland
and it's been really tiring
and then now we're just having some breakfast
and geting ready to
head on to Amsterdam.
Really tired..
So sleepy!
So we're just here at a local cafe
just next to the station waiting for our bus to arrive soon.
Got about an hour and a bit.
So we're having some...mussels and fries!
it's the thing to have here,
so you get a pot of mussels and you get some french fries.
Belgium fries...
I decided to have some pasta, finally.
Some chicken, sun-dried tomatoes,
Jenny's having some salmon
Oh, she's not even looking at us
W: Cos she's J: I'm flaking...
She's so burnt.
After 3 days of Tomorrowland
we needed some good food to boost our energy.
Although this place didn't taste amazing,
it was good enough to fill our bellies
and keep us going for the rest of our journey.
Next stop, Amsterdam.
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
find me on Instagram and Facebook.
See you in the next video!


TRAVEL VLOG #10: Tomorrowland 2016 - Experience of a Lifetime!

631 分類 收藏
Winny Luong 發佈於 2017 年 4 月 18 日
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