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Hello my name is Niharika and welcome back to a new lesson.
Today we are gonna look at some expressions related to house chores. What are house chores?
Well chores are your house work that you do on daily basis. I’m sure many of us don’t like
to do it. But it’s important, it’s important to keep your house nice and clean. And,hey
you know what, house chores or doing the house chores keeps you fit. It is a good form of
exercise. SO people if you are not doing it start doing it, it will keep you fit as well.
So now let’s have look at some expressions to talk about house chores or house work.
The other word for house chores is house work. So, the first thing that comes to your mind
when you wake up, well you need to tidy up your house right? It means you need to clean
your house. Now what are the expressions that you use to these certain house works is what
we are gonna learn in today’s lesson. Let’s imagine, before we go with that let
me also mention that the two common verbs that we use when we talk about house chores
are do and make. In a very common way when you are talking about house chores you say “ I gonna
do the dishes” “ I am gonna do the kitchen” “I am gonna do the laundry”
Okay, so you end up using the verb do very commonly and in fact if you think about it
the verb to replaces the word to clean or wash. So you wash your laundry or you clean
the dishes right? But rather than using these verbs when you are talking casually to someone
you end up using the verb do. So, it’s like I am doing the dishes. I am gonna do the laundry.
I am gonna do the windows, so it means that you are gonna clean the windows.
And then another verb that we commonly use is make. Now make probably replaces the verb
create, to create something. SO make is like, “I am gonna make my bed” you will not
say “I am gonna do the bed” You will say I am gonna make the bed or I
am gonna make the breakfast. I am gonna make lunch. So here you are creating something.
So that’s exactly the reason why you are using the verb make.
So please keep this in mind when you are talking casually about your household chores then
you end up using the verbs do and make. And now let’s look at the expressions that
you can use. The first one is make the bed. So you wake
in the morning and the first thing that comes to your mind is that you need to tidy up the
house. So the very first thing that you do is make the bed. So, basically you will put
the blanket properly, you will put the pillows in place because when you sleep you tend to
move a lot, at least I do. So you tend to move a lot, your blanket is all over the bed
so when you wake up you don’t want to leave it as it is you wanna make it. So you make
the bed. The second expression is beat the rug. SO
probably you have a rug on the floor or probably a mat on the floor so you pick it up and you
beat it. Probably you just wanna dust all the dirt or whatever is settled on it you
wanna beat it. So you are cleaning the rug but rather than saying I am cleaning the rug
you gonna say beat the rug. I am beating the rug. Right!
Next one is dust the furniture. Probably you find your furniture is little dusty, you find
a thin layer of dust or thick layer of dust if you haven’t been cleaning past few days.
So if you find that please dust your furniture. SO dust the furniture means to wipe up the
dust or clean the dust on the furniture that’s settled on your furniture. That’s the expression
you would use. The next one sweep the floor, so lot of dust
is on the floor and now you would like to clean the floor. So rather than saying I’m
gonna clean the floor the right expression that you would use is I’m gonna sweep the
floor. In order to sweep the floor you need a broom. Right! So you sweep the floor with
a broom. The next one that we have over here is mop
the floor. So after sweeping the floor you want your house to smell nice so you add some
disinfectants or toiletries to the water and you mop it up. SO with the use of a mop you
mop the floor, you clean the floor. Then the next one is vacuum the carpet. Lot
of stuff is settled on your carpet, it looks dirty it looks very dusty if you have a dog
you find dog hair on your carpet. Then it’s time to vacuum it. SO please go ahead get
a nice vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming the carpet. That means you are cleaning the
carpet, you are using a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet hence you are using the expression
vacuum the carpet, okay! Now let’s have a look at another set of
expressions here. So these expressions can be used for cleaning your bedroom or your
living room and if you look at these expressions here it’s mainly for the kitchen
Now everybody wants to keep their kitchen nice and clean so what are the expressions
that you would use The first one is set the table. You are hungry
and you have cooked a very nice meal for you and your family. So the next job that you
gonna do is , you are gonna set the table. So you gonna put the napkins, you gonna lay
the plates, the crockery your spook , fork and knife so it means that you are setting
the table. So you finished with your lunch or your dinner and now it’s time to clear
the table. So if you have cooked, you are the wife and you have cooked please ask your
husband to clear the table, it’s nice to share your jobs right!
So now you wanna take all the stuff back in the kitchen and you would like to clear the
table. Well, not always we end up finishing the food, there are left over so what do you
do with it? You put the food away. So you or your husband whoever is doing the job so
put the food away so basically taking care of the leftovers. And then you are done with
your meal and there are lots of dishes in the sink. Dirty dishes in the sink what are
you gonna do? So you are gonna do the dishes. You gonna rinse the dishes or probably if
you have a dishwasher you gonna set your dishes in the dishwasher. So you gonna do the dishes
and then the last thing you gonna do is you are going to clean the stove or you gonna
clean the sink. After doing the dishes probably your sink
is all clogged up so you would clean the sink and of course you will clean the stove as
well. So these are some common household chores
that you do it on daily basis. So hope it helps you to talk in English and in a very
confident manner you can talk about it. The next time someone calls you and says hey what
you doing? And if you are doing your household chores you can use one of these expressions
specifically. I will be back with a new lesson until then
you take care and have a great day.


與做家事有關的英文 (English Lesson - Talking about household chores in English ( Free English speaking Lessons))

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