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  • >> KING BACH: Yo Rudy!

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: Yo! >> KING BACH: What's up man? How you doing?

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: What's up? How are you?

  • >> KING BACH: Good man, good.

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: What's going on?

  • >> KING BACH: Man I just met this girl, um...

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: Yeah? Nice.

  • >> KING BACH: I really like her. She's funny. Personality is amazing. Lovely. Like easy on the eyes.

  • I think I'm going to take her out to this restaurant. You know I like sushi, so I'm going to take her to sushi...

  • I'm telling you I'm really gonna smash that [bleep]. I'm gonna spread them wide and keep smashing just like this, just like this.

  • Not just like her. I think I really love her and I think I really wanna take it to the next step, um...

  • I'm gonna some white people. Oh, you think I got this and it's fake? I ain't gonna rob nobody? This [bleep] real. This [bleep] real.

  • My auditions...I actually just got a call back from a Geico commercial I did.

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: Yo, I'll call you in a little bit.


  • [ ♫ HAVA NAGILA ♫ ]

  • >> GUY 1: Let's see what Andy's doing. >> GUY 2: Yeah we should. >> GUY 1: Stop by Andy's.

  • >> GUY 1: Money! >> GUY 2: I should not have the money!

  • >> GUY 1: You own four jewelry stores on Fairfax, how do you not have... >> GUY 2: Wait, wait.

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: Yo!

  • How you doing?

  • >> ANWAR JIBAWI: Hello my friend! My name is Anwar. I will be your Uber driver.

  • If you want some water there's water in the back, there's also gum...


  • If you would like...I have the aux cord, would you the 7 iPhone?


  • >> MARCUS JOHNS: Woah, woah.

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: My bad bro.

  • >> MARCUS JOHNS: You okay? What's up man?

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: Every time I put these glasses on like something magical happens.

  • I'm telling you when I put these on...

  • >> MARCUS JOHNS: Rudy, listen to what you're saying: Magic Glasses. There's no such thing as magic glasses.

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: I'm not messing around here.

  • >> RUDY MANCUS: When I put these on something crazy happens. >> MARCUS JOHNS: No, no no. Calm down. Calm down.

  • Listen, there's no such thing as magic glasses, you're getting yourself hyped up over...

  • [MARCUS LAUGHING] I'm white. I was thinking about buying the third yacht.

  • Rudy are you feeling okay? Did you drink enough water?

  • [MARCUS LAUGHING] Hello? That was just a million dollars.

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: Yep. It worked. Put them on.

  • Put them on! You don't believe me.

  • Hello Papi! I clean your whole house for 5 dollars right now, I'll clean the whole thing.

  • >> MARCUS JOHNS: Okay, wow. Those are very real.

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: What do I do with these man?

  • >> MARCUS JOHNS: Get rid of them.

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: They're dangerous.

  • >> MARCUS JOHNS: That's bad news.

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: Where do I even put them?


  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: What is she doing?

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO & MARCUS JOHNS: No. No no. Hey! Hey! Come on! Don't put them on.

  • >> RUDY MANCUSO: Don't talk to me like that white boy.

  • >> MARCUS JOHNS: I said that its 10 for the garden and that's all you get! >> RUDY MANCUSO: Do not talk to me like that! You son of a [bleep]!

  • [exit music]

>> KING BACH: Yo Rudy!


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A2 初級 英國腔

種族主義的眼鏡|魯迪-曼庫索,巴赫國王和安瓦爾-吉巴維。 (RACIST GLASSES | Rudy Mancuso, King Bach & Anwar Jibawi)

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