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  • [Gurgling....]

  • - Shut Up!

  • - Are you tired of pouring your on water?

  • Are you tired of drinking the same water poor people drink?

  • Well worry no more with our amazing new product: Bottled Water!

  • Why get your water for practicly free from your fosson?

  • When you can pay up to the 5 dollars a bottle for our water?

  • plus all our bottles come adorned with pretty pictures of

  • mountains and palmtree's or anything you like!

  • Anthony: I like baseball! Ian: I like zombies!

  • Anthony: Baseball zombies! Ian: Lumpfish! Anthony: Quittage!

  • Ian: Boobies! Anthony: Thailand! Ian: Green Beans!

  • - You know what the say: once you go bottled water you'll never

  • go back! Ian: Go to hell fosson! - Bottled water can do

  • almost anything! Ian: Can it wash my car? - Of cause it can!

  • Ian: Woow! BumGuy: Can it heal my "shanguine"? - Alacadabra!

  • BumGuy: Wooow! Ian: Can it make you fly? - Absolutly!

  • Anthony: Wooii! [Screams] Ian: Aww! - You can even recycle them

  • and it will problably go where ever anything else goes! Don't

  • Dont worry that foreign country likes having our trash in their

  • backyard! See how happy that child is to live in your waste?

  • [Sayin He Hates He's Life] Bottled water is amazing just listen

  • to these testomoniels: Richard: I used to spend way to

  • little money on tap water, now i spend up to 10.000 times more

  • on bottled water, boy was i stupid Heidi: Wearing water

  • from my fossen is so hard and time stealing thats why i

  • drive my SUV 20 miles to the grocery store to by bottled water!

  • Latifa: After i switched my boss stopped sexually harassing me!

  • Homeless guy: I drink so much bottle water i piss myself!

  • Suzie: Bottled water brought grampa back from the dead!

  • Amanda: I used to be a man! Awomanda: I used to be a women!

  • Tom: I used to not be pregnant! Harry: Bottle water is cool!

  • PoliceMan: Freeze bottle water police! Harry: What i've i done?

  • What the hell!? Policeman: Just what i thought! they replaces

  • bottle water with tab water! Harry: Sorry, i just din't

  • wanna look poor! Policeman: too late! [Shoots]

  • - Some people say you save money and reduce waste buy drinking

  • faucet water, but those people are definitly drug addicts and

  • seal clubbers! Ian: So if you wanna be seen as a racist sex'est

  • child molester who kills baby animals then by all men stay off

  • of that faucet water crap! Anthony: But if you want huge balls

  • Ian: All the girl or boyfriends you can handle!

  • Anthony: Huge balls Ian: Trademak monkeys that make you toasted

  • Anthony: Enormeus large testikles - Then switch to bottle water

  • today! All together: Thanks Bottle Water!

  • To see bloopers and deleted scenes, click the link in the

  • [Captioned By: ClosedCaptionsTV] description below! Thanks for subscribing and if you don't




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