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- Shut Up!
- Are you tired of pouring your on water?
Are you tired of drinking the same water poor people drink?
Well worry no more with our amazing new product: Bottled Water!
Why get your water for practicly free from your fosson?
When you can pay up to the 5 dollars a bottle for our water?
plus all our bottles come adorned with pretty pictures of
mountains and palmtree's or anything you like!
Anthony: I like baseball! Ian: I like zombies!
Anthony: Baseball zombies! Ian: Lumpfish! Anthony: Quittage!
Ian: Boobies! Anthony: Thailand! Ian: Green Beans!
- You know what the say: once you go bottled water you'll never
go back! Ian: Go to hell fosson! - Bottled water can do
almost anything! Ian: Can it wash my car? - Of cause it can!
Ian: Woow! BumGuy: Can it heal my "shanguine"? - Alacadabra!
BumGuy: Wooow! Ian: Can it make you fly? - Absolutly!
Anthony: Wooii! [Screams] Ian: Aww! - You can even recycle them
and it will problably go where ever anything else goes! Don't
Dont worry that foreign country likes having our trash in their
backyard! See how happy that child is to live in your waste?
[Sayin He Hates He's Life] Bottled water is amazing just listen
to these testomoniels: Richard: I used to spend way to
little money on tap water, now i spend up to 10.000 times more
on bottled water, boy was i stupid Heidi: Wearing water
from my fossen is so hard and time stealing thats why i
drive my SUV 20 miles to the grocery store to by bottled water!
Latifa: After i switched my boss stopped sexually harassing me!
Homeless guy: I drink so much bottle water i piss myself!
Suzie: Bottled water brought grampa back from the dead!
Amanda: I used to be a man! Awomanda: I used to be a women!
Tom: I used to not be pregnant! Harry: Bottle water is cool!
PoliceMan: Freeze bottle water police! Harry: What i've i done?
What the hell!? Policeman: Just what i thought! they replaces
bottle water with tab water! Harry: Sorry, i just din't
wanna look poor! Policeman: too late! [Shoots]
- Some people say you save money and reduce waste buy drinking
faucet water, but those people are definitly drug addicts and
seal clubbers! Ian: So if you wanna be seen as a racist sex'est
child molester who kills baby animals then by all men stay off
of that faucet water crap! Anthony: But if you want huge balls
Ian: All the girl or boyfriends you can handle!
Anthony: Huge balls Ian: Trademak monkeys that make you toasted
Anthony: Enormeus large testikles - Then switch to bottle water
today! All together: Thanks Bottle Water!
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Smosh:礦泉水全新上市!Smosh: AMAZING NEW DRINK!

4681 分類 收藏
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