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  • Bludger. Our drummer Scott is lazy, he's a bludger.


  • oh no I got the four wheel drive bogged in the mud.

    喔不,我的四輪傳動車開一開,輪胎就深陷 (Bogged) 泥濘裡了。

  • Pash. Umm I found a hot girl and we pashed.


  • Doovalacky. You'd call this a doovalacky. You'd be like, "whats this doovalacky right here?" But I haven't really heard anyone say it, for about 25 years.


  • So crook. I have to go to the doctors beceause I'm crook.

    “Crook”。我得去看醫生,因為我生病了 (Crook)。

  • Grundies. It's like, a slang term for undies, 'cause it rhymes with undies. So you'd say reg grundies.

    “Grundies”,表示內褲的俚語。因為“undies”和“grundies”有押韻,所以你可以說“reg grundies”(註: Red Grundy是澳洲家喻戶曉的企業家)

  • Old fella. like your dad or your grandad I guess?

    “Old fella?” (伙伴) 像是爸爸或爺爺嗎?我猜啦。

  • like your penis


  • That means dick. like, that's a nice old fella in your reg grundies.


  • I put on my daks like anybody else, one leg at a time.

    我像其他人一樣會穿長褲 (daks),先穿一條腿再穿另一條。

  • something bad happened or you're annoyed at something you say strike a light.

    一些鳥事發生在你身上,或什麼東西一直讓你很惱怒煩躁,就很適合說句 “Strike a light”。

  • Zac knocked over the billy, he's such a dag.

    柴克打翻了茶壺 (billy),他真是笨手笨腳 (dag)。

  • Tea. That means it's dinner time, you know, I'm gonna eat some tea.

    “Tea”,晚餐。晚餐時間到了,我要去吃晚餐 (tea) 了。

  • Let's go down to the bakery and get a dog's eye.

    我們一起去麵包店買份肉餡餅(dog's eye)吧!

  • Crack a fat.

    “Crack a fat”

  • To get an erection or a chub.


  • Rack off. 'Cause that’s like saying fuck off but a bit nicer.

    “Rack off” 等同於滾蛋 (fuck off),但這樣說殺傷力比較弱。

  • If you're any good at anything or the best at something, then people call you a tall poppy, 'cause they like to cut you down.

    假使你擅長所有事或在某方面是神人,人們會稱你為 “tall poppy” (高大罌粟花,引申為樹大招風)。長那麼高大,人人都會想把你砍倒在地。

  • Let's walk down the street to the bottle o, and get some drinks.

    讓我們沿街走到酒水店 (bottle o) 裡去灌幾杯黃湯。

  • and if you have too many tinnys you're going to chunder.

    但如果你狂灌太多罐裝啤酒 (tinnys),你就會吐 (chunder) 到不行。

  • today's work was bloody hard yakka.

    今天的工作真是夭壽辛苦( hard yakka)。

  • I haven't had much sleep so at some point I'm gonna spit the dummy.

    我嚴重睡眠不足,所以我可能會在某個時間點突然大發脾氣 (spit the dummy)。

  • Hooroo, means goodbye. But no one really uses it any more.


Bludger. Our drummer Scott is lazy, he's a bludger.


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