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  • April 3rd is in the books, the first day of the new quarter.

    4 月 3 日已落幕,今天是新一季的第一天

  • This is New York Minute.


  • The US stock market started a new quarter on the back foot,


  • with the S&P 500 falling by as much as 0.8% by midday in New York.

    紐約的標準普爾指數在中午前便下跌了 0.8%

  • Car companies were the biggest drag after poor sales dented sentiment.


  • But the market regained its footing in the afternoon as more buyers emerged,


  • pairing Monday's loss to just 0.2%.

    將星期一的損失拉回了 0.2%

  • The recovery was mirrored in the Vix index, Wall Street's "fear gauge".

    從華爾街的「情緒指標」Vix 指數中我們可以看到美股的恢復

  • By midday, the Vix jumped it's highest since last Monday when investors initially reacted badly to the collapse of the US health care overhaul.

    到了中午,Vix 指數上升至自上星期一以來的最高點,當時投資者正對美國大改健保制度的破局而反應不佳

  • But the volatility gauge eventually settle down on the day, reflecting the "buy-the-debt-mentality" that reigns on Wall Street these days.

    但 Vix 指數最終緩和下來,反應出這些日子來華爾街的「買債心理」

  • Signs of a fading optimism of the Trump trade was more apparent in the US treasury market


  • where the benchmark 10-year US government bond yield fell seven basis points to its lowest level since February 24th.

    自 2 月 24 日以來,美國政府 10 年債券收益率基準則則下跌七個基準點至其最低點

  • The difference between short and long term treasury yields,


  • a good measure of whether investors really thinking economic growth is about to take off,


  • also fell to its lowest level since the US election.


April 3rd is in the books, the first day of the new quarter.

4 月 3 日已落幕,今天是新一季的第一天


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股票收窄早盤跌幅 (Stocks pare early losses)

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