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  • I'm scared. I'm super scared.


  • I'm scared because I know exactly what happens this month every year.


  • Every year.


  • For the rest of time or actually not the rest of time hopefully this will end soon but I'm scared, I'm scared because I know that there are so many of you that graduate this month and have no fucking idea what you want to do.


  • And that's okay.


  • Most people don't.


  • You should not be stressed about that.


  • I'm actually not scared about that.


  • I'm scared that you don't realize that you're entering the greatest five-year window of your life.


  • If you are 22 years old and graduating from college, shit, if you're 22 years old and not graduating from college,

    如果你現在是一個即將畢業的 22 歲青年,靠,就算你是一個沒畢業的 22 歲青年,

  • if you are 22 years old, you are entering, first of all, some of the greatest years of your life, A, but B, this is the moment, watch this video twice.

    如果你現在 22 歲,首先 A,你即將踏入你人生中最棒的時光,B ,就是這個時刻,重複觀賞這支影片。

  • If momma's watching this, send this to your daughter Sally right now because you have to understand this next five-year window is when you don't go practical and safe.

    如果你是個媽媽,馬上轉發給你的女兒莎莉,因為你必須意識這接下的 5 年的時光,不是應該走一條 「安全」和「實際」的路。

  • This is not the time to get the job mom wanted you to.


  • This is not the time to try to maximize as much money so you can buy a fat whip.


  • This is a time to realize that you have a five-year window and it's three for some, it's eight for others but this is a five-year window for you to attack the life that you want to win,

    這個時候,你必須意識到,你有 5 年的時間,有些人有 3 年,有的有 8 年的時間,可是你有 5 年的時間去追尋你想要的生活,

  • not because it's "The Secret" or 'cause the world's so Zen 'cause it's fucking hard as shit out there.

    這並不是「秘密」 的情節,又或者是因為這個世界有多麼地美好,因為外面的世界真的很他 X 的殘酷。

  • As a matter of fact, I'm probably more scared about your naïveté to how hard it is.


  • Class is easy, right?


  • What you been doing for the last 16 years is easy.

    你這 16 年所做的事情,非常地簡單。

  • It's a fucking bullshit game. It's structured, it's easy.


  • The world, this thing. This thing is hard.


  • However that contradicts what I'm going to tell you right now, which is this is the best and easiest five years of your life because this is when you need to attack what you love and what you want to do. Here's why.

    可是我要告訴你一個矛盾的東西,那就是,這 5 年也是你人生中最輕鬆,最簡單的 5 年,因為這是你必須追尋你所愛和你想做的事的時候。以下是原因。

  • You don't have all the baggage.


  • You may have college loans, respect it's hard as shit.


  • You may have the expectations of your parents.


  • Mentally hard, fake hard.


  • You may have a lot of other things but this is exactly when you can live with four roommates in a basement and eat fucking fast food.

    你可能有其他的包袱,但是這是你可以和 4 個朋友擠在一間房間一起吃土的時候。

  • Do you understand?


  • This is not when the baby's there.


  • Some of you have babies.


  • This is not when you've been married and you promised.


  • This is not when the world has sucked out all your dreams and hopes yet.


  • You've still got this window and yet, so many of you are so hungry for short-term gains.


  • Maximizing the job that paid you $3000 more but it's not as fun, but you want that $3000.

    你們選擇,一個會給你們多 3000 美金但並不有趣的工作,你就他 X 的想要那 3000 美金。

  • For what? For what?

    為的是什麼? 為的是什麼?!

  • For a new iPhone? For what?

    一支新的 Iphone? 為的是什麼?!

  • You get to live life one time and this is the time right now to understand what's actually happening and actually map your behavior to something that will impact you for the next 80 years.

    你僅有一次的生命,現在你必須意識到這世界的改變,然後去調整自己的行為,才能為你未來的 80 年帶來正面的影響。

  • So promise me, promise me all you youngsters that are watching this right now, in the fucking comments, 'cause I'll jump in and talk to you, promise me that you understand that the land grab of happiness starts right now.


  • That you don't have to worry about getting that job.


  • What you should do is go and travel and learn.


  • Go and start that business that you've always wanted.


  • Hook up with those three teammates and start that band you've always wanted.

    去找那 3 個夥伴,然後去組你一直想組的樂團。

  • This is the time to be massively risk, massively risk oriented.


  • I know that this is when you're suppose to grow up and go see the world.


  • But guess what, the world isn't what mommy and daddy told you.


  • The world is exactly going to be what it's going to be with or without the way you thought is gonna be.


  • A ton of shit is going to change.


  • The world changes every god damn day.


  • Right now what you need to recognize is you can afford to.


  • And not all of you, I'm sure.


  • Some of you will leave a comment and say, "I've got a loan."


  • I get it, respect.


  • But that loan is going to be there whether you go and try to and build something for yourself or not, one way or the other.


  • And by the way, you can work at night.


  • This is when you put in the 18 hours a day to make your life that you want happen.

    這是你可以一天投入 18 個小時,去建立你想要的生活。

  • And again, 'cause I'm scared, I can hear myself fucking talking.


  • I'm not saying it's "The Secret," its practicality.


  • When you are in your early 20s, this is when you can grind at your highest levels 'cause there isn't all the fucking baggage that comes across with life.

    因為當你在你 20 歲的時候,你有個很新鮮的肝,你可以很投入在工作上,因爲你並沒有生活所給予的包袱。

  • It's harder for the 42-year-olds that are watching right now to listen to this advice.

    對一個正在觀看這影片的 42 歲的人來說,要接受這勸告是非常困難的。

  • You just can't wake up tomorrow and be like "Let's go," 'cause little Sally has soccer fucking practice.


  • And because you got 1 million other things that are holding you down.

    你也有 1 百萬件事不允許你這麼做。

  • But boy, if you're lucky enough to be graduating today with not a fucking idea of what you're going to do with your future, nobody's ever been luckier than you.


  • Please recognize it.


I'm scared. I'm super scared.


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