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  • [In a Moment of Vision...]


  • It's the height of the Gold Rush, 1850s California.

    此時是 1850 年代,正值加州如火如荼的淘金潮。

  • A young tailor named Jacob Davis notices that his gold-mining customers are wearing through pants faster than they can patch them.

    一位名為 Jacob Davis 的年輕裁縫師注意到他的淘金客人穿磨損褲子的速度遠大於他們縫補的進度。

  • In a moment of vision, Davis adds reinforcing metal rivets to his pant design, strategically placing them at points of strain, like the corners of pockets and the base of the fly.

    靈機一動之下,Davis 在自己的褲子設計中添上發揮加固作用的銅鉚釘,策略性地把這些釘子藏在褲子皺摺邊內,像是口袋的邊角及拉鍊的底部。

  • The enhanced trousers are soon in high demand.


  • In order to take out a patent on the highly successful riveted pant, Davis needs a business partner.

    為了能順利拿到大受歡迎的鉚釘褲專利,Davis 需要一位商業夥伴。

  • He approaches the supplier of his cloth, a dry goods merchant by the name of Levi Strauss.

    他與布料供應商接洽,是一位名為 Levi Strauss 的布商。

  • Strauss and Davis begin manufacturing pants out of denim, and continue to modify the design to accommodate their customers.

    Strauss 和 Davis 開始用單寧生產褲子,並持續改良設計以符合客戶需求。

  • It is rumored that the removal of the crotch rivet was due to a complaint from the miners that squatting too near a campfire in their typical underwear-free fashion could be painful.


  • Jeans continued to be modified and diversified over the years, eventually becoming an everyday fashion item for both work and play by the 1960s.

    牛仔褲持續經年累月地改良並發展出許多款式,在 1960 年代成為日常的時尚元素,不管是工作和休閒都很合適。

  • Today, 96% of American consumers own at least one, if not many, pairs of jeans.

    時至今日,有 96% 的美國消費者擁有至少一條牛仔褲,甚至一次擁有許多條。

[In a Moment of Vision...]


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【TED-Ed】原來牛仔褲是這樣來的! (How blue jeans were invented | Moments of Vision 10 - Jessica Oreck)

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