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Welcome to Paris.
Paris is one of those cities
that everyone talks about.
Even though we had been before,
we couldn't wait to visit again.
From Lisbon to Paris,
it was only 2 and a half hours by plane.
Once in Paris,
it takes 50 minutes by train
to get to the city centre.
We just arrived in our apartment in Paris,
again it's an AirBnb apartment.
This is through the front door.
There's a little kitchenette here.
Pretty good kitchen.
Fridge, oven, stovetop...
and then over here we have a wardrobe
with like towels and stuff for you to use.
This is a sofa bed, which we already folded out already
and over here we have a TV and telephone.
One thing about this room is we don't have any aircon
even though it's really hot in summer at the moment. A: Boooo!
But, we do have a fan. A: Yay!
and if you came in winter, you can see behind the fan there's like a heater
on two sides of the window
A: Double Yay!
I guess it'll be good in winter.
Ummm, see the shutters...because we're actually on street level.
So as soon as you open those shutters you're gonna see people walking past the street
A: Oh my goodness! W: and traffic driving past.
It's pretty noisy...and not that great.
But, umm...
we haven't closed the windows yet, so we don't know if that actually blocks out a lot of the noise.
We're hoping so.
It looks double glazed.
This is the double bed.
And then if you walk through here,
there's the bathroom.
There's like a washing machine,
and there's a shower, toilet as usual.
So the shower looks pretty decent.
One thing about this place is, there is a washing machine, but they don't actually provide you with any laundry detergent.
And the lady had actually told us to go to the supermarket and buy our own laundry detergent
even though we're only here for two nights
which is kind of a bit...
...silly...but oh well.
The first time we were in Paris,
we didn't have enough time to check out the Montmartre area.
So this time around,
that was the first place we went to.
When in Montmartre, you must visit the Basilica of the Sacre Couer.
An easy way to get up, is via the cable car.
And once you're on top of the hill,
you'll be greeted with this amazing view.
Currently outside the Sacre Couer, and I am a total mess.
It's so hot here!
it's like 34 degrees I think today
and they were saying it's the hottest it's been so far this summer.
And we rushed off the plane,
and got into our apartment,
and then had to try and figure out the metro station
and then had to come all the way here.
It's a long way.
But uh...
I guess it was worth it. It was a very nice basilica.
And uh...the views were amazing.
There's a lot of people and look how sunny it is right now.
I'm getting burnt here!
And now we're just trying to find our way to dinner
we booked...we made a reservation at the restaurant for dinner.
And hopefully it's going to be...
If not, oh my god!
I'm gonna die!
Montmartre is a beautiful district in Paris
filled with winding cobblestone streets
that are perfect for wandering.
But be warned,
as it is located on top of a hill
you'll find there are a lot of stairs.
This is the restaurant!
Look at this, look how good this food is here.
So this one is the grilled salmon steak
A: half cooked W: and uh...half cooked
and it looks like it's some kind of a garlic sauce, is it?
and it comes with rice and veggies
and look how delicious that looks!
Anton's already digging into it
with bread. Everything here in Paris comes with complimentary bread
so you can dip it into whatever sauce you have
and just go for it. A: mmm, it's so good!
A: I'm already happy.
Over here, we have our...
what is it? rabbit?
so again, it comes with some vegetables...and some...
wedges. It's really good.
A: Do you see the garlic cloves there?
Oh yeh, the garlic cloves! I didn't even notice these are garlic cloves.
A: mmm, and a bit of pepper.
A: Looks great! W: Yum!
Can't wait to dig into that.
and then over here we have umm...escargot...
or snails.
A: So see the pastry? W: and it's got a bit of pastry.
Oooo Yum! Look at that!
A: So this is actually an appetiser size.
The other two were mains.
Yep, so this is an appetiser,
A: or starter. W: so we decided to get two appetisers and make it a meal.
A: Cos that's me!
W: That's frog's legs there. A: Oh, look at that!
W: Fried...deep fried.
A: Oh sorry, wrong side.
There you go...
It has a bit of bacon in here
bit of croutons.
So, it's the frogs legs.
A: mmm...bit of bacon.
Is it salty? Is it just right?
A: Nice and savoury. Crunchy.
Frogs legs are...
nice and crunchy on the outside
really soft on the inside
W: Does it taste like chicken drumsticks, like mini ones?
Actually, you know, the funny thing is, I've had them in Asia before,
and the way the French do it, is slightly different.
in Asia they really do deep fry a lot
and umm...you get this fried chicken sort of taste.
But here it's really nice and soft
so you get this nice crunchy coating
but it's actually quite soft.
So they put bacon and nice herbs through it too.
We had so much fun exploring Montmartre.
Join us next week to see the rest of Paris.
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
find me on Instagram and Facebook.
See you in the next video.


TRAVEL VLOG #8: 3 Days in Paris Part 1/2 - Eating Rabbit, Snails and Frogs Legs!

618 分類 收藏
Winny Luong 發佈於 2017 年 4 月 3 日
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