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  • We want to give a Shout-Out to Hatty Bee! Thanks for the request and Just Craft It.

  • For this craft you will need printables from our blog,, Craft foam,

  • Glue, Scissors and Packaging tape. Start by printing and cutting out the printables from

  • our blog. You should have an iPad, an iPad Mini and three iPhones. Then cover the front

  • of your devices with packaging tape to give it a screen like look. Just like that. Cut

  • out each individual device. Now take your craft foam and apply your devices to your

  • craft foam. If your craft foam doesn't have a sticky back, just use glue and glue the

  • printables onto the craft foam and then cut them out. Once you have two pieces, a front

  • and a back, then you can glue the two pieces of foam together. To cover the edge take a

  • strip of your craft foam and glue it right around the edge. Now you can stop right here

  • or you can add the buttons just by cutting tiny pieces of your craft foam and glueing

  • them to the sides. Now you have volume control. To make a skinnier iPhone just apply the printables

  • to one sheet of craft foam on the front and on the back. Now to make your iPad and your

  • iPad Mini you are going to use the same method. Just take the printables, apply them to your

  • craft foam, cut them out, glue them together and then cover the edge with a thin strip

  • of craft foam. And again, you can add buttons if you like.

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  • Now your dolls can watch YouTube,

  • take pictures, call their friends and make stop motion videos. Leave us a comment and

  • tell us what your dolls are going to do with their new devices.

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娃娃iPhone和iPad|DIY美國女孩娃娃手工製作 (Doll iPhone & iPad | DIY American Girl Doll Crafts)

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