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  • You know what I hate?

  • Only two bags of Milano cookies, Mary?

  • You don't know me at all!

  • Exactly. Feelings.

  • Especially when they're irrational, which for me

  • is all the freaking time.

  • I get angry over nothing.

  • Watch where you're going, fool!

  • I get sad way too easily.

  • Why do I have so many butter knives?

  • I don't even eat butter.

  • And really often, I just have unapologetically

  • contradictory feelings.

  • I just feel at peace with everything right now, you know?

  • I just have, like, such respect for every living thing.

  • And just, I feel like I'm one with the universe.

  • My feelings have a tendency to be very illogical,

  • intense, and overwhelming.

  • And it's really hard for me not to get consumed by them.

  • Before therapy and going on anti-depressants,

  • I had no idea that this was abnormal.

  • I thought everybody just felt so strongly about

  • everything and anything all the time.

  • And it wasn't until I was diagnosed that I realized

  • my feelings are fake news.

  • Mm..

  • Whenever I feel myself being overwhelmed with emotion,

  • the best thing that I've learned to do from my therapist,

  • is this breathing technique where you inhale through

  • your nose for four seconds, you hold it for four seconds,

  • and then you exhale out of your mouth for four seconds.

  • It really helps whenever you're just feeling all the feelings

  • and you need to calm your tits.

  • But the worst part about my feelings is

  • even though they're extreme, it takes me a long ass time

  • to really process them.

  • And figure out what is going on.

  • Because more often then not, by the time I have

  • a burst of emotion, it's just being triggered by something

  • really insignificant and the real problem is

  • something else that happened ages ago or

  • a bunch of different things that happened that

  • I never actually addressed.

  • And once I can actually know why I'm feeling

  • a certain way, it's so much easier to resolve it.

  • Actually, I'm sorry. I uhm...

  • I have a lot of back pain and posture problems right now.

  • And I'm not taking care of myself so...

  • It's totally my bad.

  • The best advice I have for anybody who is experiencing

  • mood swings or who just has really intense emotions overall

  • is to be very forgiving with yourself

  • while you're trying to figure it out.

  • Because you can breathe all you want but sometimes

  • you just feel so much that it gets the best of you.

  • Like, the other day I was on the phone with my friend

  • and we got into this screaming match about

  • something really innocuous that he said

  • and we both kind of realized we'd had

  • shitty days and we just let our emotions pent up

  • and we kind of just took it out on each other.

  • So you just got to be forgiving with yourself

  • as you try to figure it out.

  • And you live and you learn

  • and hopefully you do better 50% or more of the time.

  • I'm Anna Akana.

  • Stay Awesome Gotham.

You know what I hate?


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感情是假新聞 (Feelings Are Fake News)

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