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My friend told me he often went to the same little corner grocery store in his neighborhood.
One day he realized that though it was usually the same woman working there each time, he
hardly ever noticed much about her. He had a slight impression that maybe she was kind
of grim, but he didn't really know. He felt shocked at himself and thought "for all I
really pay attention to her, she might as well be a cash register with arms."
So he went into the store, determined to actually pay full attention to her. The first thing
he noticed was that she was sining along to something playing on the radio, and that she
had a beautiful voice. When he said that to her, she responded with a wide, radiant smile.
As soon as he told me that story, I realized that I too often went into that same store.
And also had hardly noticed that women, except for maybe a vague sense that perhaps she was
a little grim.
I made a plan. I'm going to go into the store, say to her "I heard you have a really beautiful
voice" and watch her get really happy and give me a beautiful smile. But when I went
into the store, actually paying full attention to her, the first thing I noticed was that
she was already smiling broadly. Wait? What happened to a little bit grim. I realized
again how much of a person we miss when we don't pay attention. People are people, not
pieces of furniture. We each have a life, a story, changing moods, joys, sorrows. And
if we pay attention to one another, we recognize that, and our lives are enriched by a continuing
sense of discovery. That's the opening to true compassion. Sometimes we think of compassion
as a gift, which we've either gotten, or we haven't. If we haven't we're out of luck.
Or we think of compassion as some kind of emotional reaction that spontaneously erupts
out of us. I think of compassion as a natural result that comes from actually paying attention.
That means we continue to cultivate it.


同情心從何而來 (Where Does Compassion Really Come From?)

1214 分類 收藏
poro 發佈於 2017 年 3 月 21 日    Yvonne ,Lin 翻譯    Kiara 審核
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