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Hey it’s David. 嘿! 我是 David.
If Italy is famous for its pasta, 如果義大利有名的是義大利麵,
then Yanshui is famous for its Yansui “yi-mien”, 那鹽水有名的當然是
or Yanshui egg noodles. 鹽水意麵囉。
And I see a lot of people busy inside making noodles. 我看到裡面好多人忙著做麵,
Let’s go check it out. 我們去看看!
Yanshui egg noodles, were 鹽水意麵是明鄭時期,
first made by the Fuzhounese cooks of 鄭成功的
in the Yanshui area of Tainan. 在台南鹽水所製的,
Koxinga army during the Kingdom of Tunging 福州伙頭兵
in the Yanshui area of Tainan. 在台南鹽水所製的,
Because of this, the name “Yanshui egg noodles” 所以鹽水意麵
is sometimes interchangeable 有時候也被稱為
with Fuzhou egg noodles. 福州意麵
Egg noodles are known as “yi-mien” in Chinese, 而取名「意麵」的由來
and the origin of this name 有一種說法
is rather interesting to say the least. 非常有趣
Because eggs are often used in place of water 做意麵不加水
in the production of egg noodles, 只加蛋的特質
the dough becomes quite tough to work with, 麵團比較僵硬,
and one would need to work extra hard kneading it. 製作時必須出更多力
The expletive sound one makes while kneading 桿麵時,
usually sounds like “yi…yi..yi…!”, 會發出「噫!」「噫!」的聲音,
hence the name, “yi-mien”. 所以就戲稱之為「意麵」
Another common theory 也有另一種說法是
has something to do with the addition of eggs in the flour. 麵粉裡加入蛋
The resulting color is said to be of good fortune, 麵的顏色呈現
or “ruyi” in Chinese, 「如意」的顏色
hence the name, “yi-mien”, 所以稱之為
which roughly means fortune noodles. 意麵
So here we have the lovely owner of the Yanshui yi-mien factory! 這位是我們可愛的意麵工廠老闆娘。
Greetings! 老闆娘你好!
Hello! 你好
This place feels like it’s been in operation for a long time. 老闆娘,我看你們這邊好像很有歷史感
How long have you been making noodles here? 這邊你們做麵大概做多久了?
We started making noodles in 1958 我們是民國46年就做意麵了
The owner started the noodle making business 老闆國中畢業後
right out of high school. 就投入做意麵的工作
It’s been nearly six decades since then. 從事意麵製作將近一甲子
I see everyone is really busy here 我看你們大家都好忙喔
How do you guys make the noodles, exactly? 請問這個鹽水意麵要怎麼做?
From a sack of flour 從一包麵粉
to finished products, 要做到可以吃
this whole process 這個過程中
Is indeed, very tedious. 非常地辛苦
The first step 第一步
is to mix flour, water, salt and a small amount of 將麵粉、水、鹽 和微量的
food-grade sodium carbonate anhydrous 無水碳酸鈉
into a duck egg mixture. 加進鴨蛋一起攪拌
The ingredients must be mixed evenly until 必須攪拌至
the dough turns a golden hue. 麵團出現金黃色
The resultant dough would then go through 經過五道
a 5-step kneading process 桿麵程序
until it can be pressed down to a mere 0.2 centimeters thin. 將麵糰壓到0.2公分左右的厚度,
It would then finally be cut into noodle slices. 才開始切麵
Once again, these noodle slices are 這麵條
incredibly thin at 0.2 centimeters. 薄薄的0.2公分
Thinness isn’t everything, of course, 不只是薄而已
the texture must be chewy as well. 口感還要Q彈
It’s a complicated process. 製作過程非常繁瑣
In fact, it takes triple the amount of time to 耗時約
make egg noodles then regular noodles. 白麵條的三倍
Once the noodle slices are cut, 麵條切好以後
they are weighed 秤重
and organized into batches. 再將麵條整理成一大束
From each batch, strands of noodle are 接著抽出
then taken out by the handful 一小束
and arranged into small circular lumps 繞成圓圈
on woven bamboo trays. 排列在竹盤上
Now comes the drying phase. 接下來就是曬麵了
If the weather is good, 天氣好
it take only one day to dry the noodles. 只需要曬一天
If it’s overcast, then it may require a couple more days. 天氣不好就要曬兩三天
And if it’s raining, 遇到下雨
you simply call it a day. 就不做
Paying close attention to the weather forecast is in fact, 所以製麵是需要
crucial in noodle making! 觀察氣象的!
Look at that view! Smells awesome at the same time. 看看這場景! 聞起來也是超棒的。
Check these out! 看看這些!
Can you guys guess what this place is? 大家可以猜猜這是什麼地方嗎?
It’s actually a greenhouse of some sort 這裡其實有一點像溫室,
that’s designed to dry these egg noodles. 是設計用來曬意麵的。
Now that we’ve seen how egg noodles are made, 參觀了製麵的流程
I’ve found out that this whole noodle making business 我發現鹽水意麵的製作過程
is truly arduous and demanding. 不僅繁瑣更是講究
Cleanliness on the factory floor 整個製麵廠非常的乾淨
and the quality of ingredients is paramount. 甚至原料也非常要求
For example, the duck eggs must be fresh from the farm, 例如鴨蛋必須是新鮮的
and they have to be washed thoroughly 而且需要洗乾淨之後
before they can be delivered to the noodle factory. 才可以送到製麵廠進行製作
Duck excrements are really harmful! 鴨子的大便最毒了
Duck and bird excrements, 鴨 還有 鳥的大便
even chicken excrements (must be washed clean). 還有雞(所以要洗得很乾淨)
My daughter is a dietitian in Taipei, 因為我女兒是台北醫學院的營養師
so, she’s very serious when it comes anything food-related. 她對這個吃的很在意
It’s evident that the factory is very demanding 也因此對於產品的
when it comes to the quality of their products. 品質非常要求
Everything from ingredients to packaging materials 從原料到包裝
must be natural and toxin-free 都必須遵守天然無毒的概念
to make it safe for the whole family. 讓大家吃得更安心
So, when we buy these noodles, 買了這些麵之後呢,
what’s the best way to prepare them? 要怎麼料理才是最好呢?
Yanshui egg noodles can me prepared dry. 鹽水意麵的乾麵煮法
Ingredients such as vegetables and meat slices 材料部分可以準備蔬菜、肉片等配料
can be combined with seasonings such 調味料的部分
as minced braised pork and garlic. 可以準備肉燥、蒜末等
The water to noodle ratio must be 9:1. 水和麵的比例要9:1
Make sure you boil the noodles 麵條要有足夠的
with enough water and space 水和空間來煮
to ensure they are cooked thoroughly. 比較好熟透
Once the water is boiling, 水滾了之後,
place the noodles with the other ingredients into the pot 即可放入意麵和配菜
and let it boil again for one to three minutes 待水滾後大約煮一分至三分鐘
before straining out the water and moving 就可以將麵撈起
the noodles into a separate bowl. 置入碗中
Lastly, evenly stir in minced braised pork, 加入肉燥和
minced garlic and seasonings until evenly mixed. 蒜末、調味料拌勻
If you do not wish to add minced braised pork, 如果不加肉燥的話,
healthy oil alternatives 可以挑選健康的好油
can be great substitutes. 來攪拌意麵
Make sure you have enough oil, 你的油 一定要夠
and then stir it into the noodles 用筷子攪拌一下
before eating it. 就可以馬上吃
It’s really good. 就很好吃
Ah, it really is pretty simple 原來美味的鹽水意麵
to make Yanshui egg noodles 做法這麼簡單
into delicious dry noodles. 就完成好吃的乾意麵
It’s thin, but chewy at the same time. 它很薄 但是又很Q
After the owner’s introduction, 聽到老闆娘這麼說
I can’t wait to try some egg noodles, 讓我忍不住想要馬上來品嚐看看
and see for myself how fabulous they are. 到底有多好吃
So, we just came from the place where they make all these 我們剛剛才從製作
Yanshui yi-mien, or Yanshui egg noodles. 鹽水意麵的地方離開。
And what’s the point of looking at them making the noodle 但是沒有道理只看麵的製作過程
if you are not going to eat it as well? 而不吃麵!
I’m not crazy after all! 我沒有那麼瘋狂!
That looks glorious! 看起來太棒,太美妙了!
It’s actually kind of funny… 其實滿有趣的…
Yanshui yi-mien, you know I was half-expecting 這鹽水意麵,我原本預期
it to be soggy like a lot of other noodles out there. 可能會像很多麵條一樣軟軟爛爛的。
But it’s not just any run-of-the-mill noodles of course, 但這可是鹽水意麵,
it’s Yanshui yi-mien after all! 而不是一般的麵條!
In a way, it’s kind of chewy, and springy 在某方面上,它很有嚼勁也很有彈性。
in a good way of course. 這當然都是它好吃的特性。
The duck eggs that they’ve added into the noodles 加在麵條裡面的鴨蛋
really makes a big difference. 真的是神來一筆。
It’s very savory and very aromatic at the same time. 它非常的香,同時也很值得回味。
Next time you folks are in Yanshui, 下次大家來到鹽水,
definitely give noodles a shot. 記得要吃一下鹽水意麵,
It’s definitely worth your while. 絕對值得一試。
And if you don’t, you will regret. 如果不吃,肯定會後悔。


2017《哈 臺南》第一集單元:鹽水意麵 (2017 Hot Tainan EP1 Yanshui Egg Noodles)

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