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To start off with, why are they multiple element wings. If you've watched my video on vortex
generators, and by this point you probably should have, you'll know that flow separation
occurs on surfaces when they exceed a critical adverse pressure gradient. Now, if we consider
a wing, we can see that as this tilts up and approaches stall this is going to start separating
off the back. Yo're going to end up with flow separation here, and that's going to get ripped
off untill theres massive level stall and all of this is ripped off once this is at
a big enough angle. Now we can delay the separation by energising the boundary layer (see the
vortex generator video) and bassically any method you use for that will allow us to push
the wing further without it stalling. You can put vortex generators here to do that.
But where's there an area of high energy flow? Well on the top it's getting pressurised by
the energy of the oncoming flow right? Well what about if we were just to bleed a little
bit of air off the top and bring it to the back. We put a little passthrough here, and
we can se now that's going to energise this boundary layer here, and from that we can
see the flow will be more attached. But that's not a great proifle, it's got sharp edges,
it's going to be sensitive, not generally good for flow. SO instead lets round off the
edges a little bit, so we'll just round that off, and that off. And we're now getting something
that looks a little more like a multi element wing, but now let's try to extract a little
more from it. So, we use that extra energy of the high area to act as if we're starting
a new wing at a new angle of attack out from scratch. So, we'll put a new element starting
out from scratch. And this is a multi element wing, and this is the reason why multi element
wings exist, because you can take the high energy flow off here and use it to keep the
flow attached up there. And this is why at low angles of attack, you do not need a multi
element wing, you only need it when you are trying to push much harder.


為什麼是汽車翼多元素? (Why are Car Wings Multi Element?)

201 分類 收藏
鄭富仁 發佈於 2017 年 3 月 21 日
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