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  • When pigs fly 這個句子是指永遠不會發生的事情或不可能的事情

  • Here is an example of how to use When pigs fly

  • Move to Africa? Not until pigs fly!

  • 搬到非洲? 不可能!

  • You'll notice that instead of using when we used until

  • Actully, this phrase is kind of flexible, And you can change the word you put at the beginning1

  • Either when or until or not

  • 這個句子可以由不同的字 作為它的開始

  • 可能用when或使用until 也可以用not,都可以

  • Another example would be

  • I hate fish! I wouldn't eat it even when pigs fly!

  • 我最討厭吃魚,我不吃魚 吃到永遠都不願意吃

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當豬飛的時候 (When pigs fly)

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