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[dejectedly] Hi...
My god, what happened to you?
Did you do that bad on your ochem midterm?
I broke up with Jeungri
[all] WHAT??
What are you thinking?!
Girl, are you CRAZY?
Wait- what's the big deal?
Why are you guys getting mad at her?
Her boyfriend-- now EX-boyfriend
was a K-pop star!
EXO? GOT7? Super Junior? Big Bang?
From BgA
Girl. Are you CRAZY?
Guys, you DON'T understand!
We understand that you were literally living the dream
of a BILLION girls out there
I know...
I'm just as big of a k-pop fan as you are
and based on everything that we watch and listen to
dating a k-pop star is like winning the lottery...
but... i-it's not what you think
What do you mean it's not what we think??
Well, for starters, there's the dancing...
OMG. It is SOOO hot when they dance
but it never stops
[crowd chanting] JEUNGRI! JEUNGRI! JEUNGRI!
um, hey, so can we go now?
just one more song- one more song!
OK, cause, uh, I think the DJ was done playing like
two songs ago??
And then, there's his wardrobe...
The outfits are the BEST PART!
Isn't this beautiful, Jeungri?
... Jeungri?
Wha- can you just- HEY!
just leave the hat there...
your... thigh chain is....?
how did you...
*pssh* so his style gets in the way sometimes
that's NOT enough to break up!
uhm, can I- can I get my powder back?
I'm almost done ^^
It's... um... you're just kinda... using a lot
Hey, can you run with me to get milk at the store later?
Why drink milk, when we can have...
Carbonated drink drink!
So cool, and naked!
[speaking Korean]
[in korean] I love you, Mukis!
Uh, is everything you touch a product placement?
Who are you even talking to?
Ah we're going to be late!
Agh, we're gonna lose our reservation
[dramatic sappy music]
can you WALK at a normal speed for ONCE?
We're already late!
Wow. That DOES sound pretty annoying.
What was the final straw?
So how was your day?
It was-
Sorry, who is she again?
Oh, this is just my pretend wife!
[in korean] Hello, I'm Hyuna!
We're pretending to be married for a month for a TV show!
yeeaaaah... I-I don't think I'm comfortable with this
It's just pretend, my dear
[in korean] it's just fake!
Here- have some more food!
I can't take this anymore!
I'm sorry Jeungri
you are the k-pop guy of my dreams, but not the guy for me in real life!
I have to end this
[dramatic sappy music playing] Noooooooooooooooo
yeeah... okay bye!
I'm sorry girl
you made the right choice
Yeah, a tough one, but the right one
What do you think he's gonna do now?
I'm not sure...
I'm sorry, Jeungri
You'll be alright
Yeah, she doesn't know what she's missing, man
You know what would make you feel better?
[all] MUKIS!
Hey everyone, I hope you guys liked that short!
Ashley, I'm very sorry to ruin your k-pop boyfriend dreams
couldn't just let me have it, could you
I'm sorry guys
We got some really exciting news, though!
We just launched a whole bunch of new nice guy merchandise!
It's been 10 years since the launch of "Just a Nice Guy" our short!
so if you guys wanna support you can go to the link below
or wongfustore.com
and get your own nice guy gear!
Subscribe for new shorts and we'll see you guys next time!



難道跟歐爸約會,真實情況居然是? (My K-Pop Boyfriend)

17127 分類 收藏
韓澐 發佈於 2017 年 5 月 29 日    Sih Jing 翻譯    Kiara 審核
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