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- [Voiceover] He's a big fatty.
- Hi Leo.
- This is Leo.
- He said tell her not to say that.
Tell her, actually he said tell her not to call me that.
- Not to call him Leo?
- No, fatty (laughs).
- Oh.
- You know, I had a dog when I was a kid
and I looked at the dog, and it was like a dog,
you know, the dog's an animal.
And I never thought of treating the dog as an equal, in a way.
You wanna get outta here, huh?
He has a communication to you.
I hear an animal the way I hear anybody
I'm having a conversation with.
When they say something, they're saying it,
and they're saying it with specific words
and specific attitudes.
Could you please tell my owner that I am not going to die?
So I don't know if you have any--
- Oh my god, that's so weird!
He's escaped twice in the past, this year,
in 2016, and like, has caused overwhelming panic attacks for me.
- He's funny, he said tell her she has to accept me.
- He will pat at the door
and there's times I've been with him and I'm like
okay, where, like where are we gonna go, you know?
- He just wants the option.
He just wants the option.
- I had the door open the other day
when I was bringing up groceries, and he like came out
but he didn't like, run down the way he normally does.
He just like came out, and was like looking outside,
and I was like okay, I respect you, you respect me,
like, we have this like understanding now.
- She really wants somebody to help her.
There's a certain energy that's kinda stuck in her body,
in her nervous system, and I just wanna see if I can't
move it out a little bit.
One of the things that I do with animals
I call emotional clearing.
And it's basically moving energy,
so I transmute energy blocks
that I can feel
in an animal.
Whether it's in an animal's body
or mostly in their emotions.
And in moving the energy that was stuck, a lot of times
they have a realization that comes with the release
that they have, and they lighten up.
(breathing heavily) Do you know what her background is?
- Nope, they just said they found her on the street.
- Because I'm hearing her say like, she was used as bait.
I don't know, like--
- That was something I thought too, 'cause she's so small
and she's so skittish.
- You know, I'm so sorry that that happened to you.
I really really am.
And she said, you know sometimes other dogs
make me nervous.
- Oh yeah, a lot.
- I was blown away.
There were some things that just clarified a lot
of Elsa's behavior.
If another dog barks at Elsa first, it's like
she's very reactive in fear.
You know, it's not like an angry,
it's like an oh my god, why is that dog
freaking out at me?
So that didn't surprise me at all.
It almost was just kind of like justification
to something I already kind of had a feeling was true.
- And the third tool that I use has to do
with flower essences.
And I basically custom test those against the energy field
of an animal, and see what resonates.
It took me a couple of years to figure this one out.
And I noticed that he's got...
does he have some kidney issues?
Because some of the essences that are reading for him
are kidney-related.
- He's been peeing in my bathroom sink.
- So something's going on with him
in relation to his bladder, kidney.
It doesn't have to be serious.
- Yeah.
- But I'm just saying something's going on there.
So, sure enough, I took Leo to the vet this weekend,
I told her about Ellen the psychic,
and the lady was like, okay, sure,
we'll run some tests.
And this was the motherfuckin' results.
In any case, I just wanted to let you know
that the urinalysis came back fairly unremarkable
other than some moderate crystals in the urine.
There're friggin' crystals in his bladder.
- I used to think animal communication was like,
you had to be nuts.
I mean, I really just thought this is crazy,
there is no way that that is a possibility.
She said I never had control before.
I believe it.
Yeah, so now you get to choose.
You get to choose who you feel is safe
and who isn't, and you know, if you can't tell
the difference for a while, that's okay.
Okay, but what about Molly?
What does she say about...?
- I don't know.
-Tell her he was bad. -Oh my god (laughs).
- Sorry, they don't have a sensor.
-He didn't respect anyone. -Well, then it's a good thing that he's not around anymore.
That's right, Elsa.
She said we're better off.
- Yes, we are.
- Dogs have much more common sense than we do, right?
She said I tried to tell her.
Did she ever--
- I believe that.
- Did she ever act in a certain way?
- Oh yeah.
- Then yeah, okay.
Situations like that, regardless of what mentally
we tell each other, or ourselves, about the fact that well,
they're animals, and they can't communicate,
I think shows the fact that we're wrong.
That they can communicate.
And it's a joy to be part of that.
- I feel like we just have a much cooler bond now.
Like, I don't talk to him like a cat.
I'm not like (talks nonsense in a baby voice).
I'm like hey, I respect you, and your views,
and your personality, and um, I'm glad to have you around.
- I think we are closer.
I think there's like a deeper understanding now.
Um, I think I know more about what she needs
and what she's been through
and I'm more susceptible, and like, patient,
and looking out for those things with her.
Any opportunity you can have to bond with your pet
or to learn and to grow together, I think that's
a huge thing to do.



寵物溝通師告訴你毛小孩們到底在想什麼 (Pets See A Pet Psychic)

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韓澐 發佈於 2017 年 5 月 20 日    bamboowater 翻譯    Colleen Jao 審核
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