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Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Ramen Adventures!
We're here at Sugamo Station, on the North Side of Tokyo
If you've been following Ramen news recently
you might've heard of a Ramen shop called "Tsuta"
They're the first Ramen shop in the world to get an actual Michelin Star!
The spot is crazy busy, everyone wants to go there!
It's probably the cheapest Michelin food you can eat in the world, let's check it out now!
Sugamo, come on everyone!!
So, Tsuta is located in a residential part of Tokyo
and when they got their Michelin star, as expected they blew up!
Suddenly their line which was normally about an hour
went to over 4 hours
People are making noise and a lot of complaints from the neighbors
so they made a new system, if you show up in the morning they'll give colored tickets away
and that tells you what time you come back!
It's a little complicated but if you have a free day
No problem!!
Wow! there it is!
Really one of the most simpler bowls but just that smell
Really, really nice!
And I'm just gonna dig right in! Home-made noodles!
Using a blend of 4 Japanese flours
You know I don't wanna use the word "perfect" too much with this bowl but these are really amazing noodles
And that soup
That's ridiculous!
Tha main shoyu they're using, it's a blend from Wakayama
A part of Japan with a deep history of making shoyu
So this is like a really nice craft shoyu
One of the special things that they do that kinda elevates it to a more modern style of Ramen is:
They're putting Italian Truffle oil here
So the Menma
The pickled bamboo shoots
They cook their menma in the stock
Along with red wine
And then the Chashyu
They roast it and they let it marinate with herbs
So it has an Italian flavor I think
Really really nice!
You know I always take the egg
Let's see how this one holds up
Every single aspect of this bowl: Really good!!
Crushed it!
Worthy of that star!
There you have it!
And BOOM there it is! One star!
Michelin Guide
But you know some people think the Michelin guide is overrated
BOOM awards here! BOOM awards here!
They got awards all over the place
It's in my book, of course! Couldn't leave this place out!
Yeah, amazing Ramen, definitely try to come here
Alright, well I'm outta here! Peace!!!


日本拉麵好好吃! (MICHELIN STARRED RAMEN in Japan)

5252 分類 收藏
335459737 發佈於 2017 年 3 月 15 日
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