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  • Hello and welcome to Learn French With Alexa.

  • Today folks I would like to teach you how to sayappeler” “to callOh! To call...

  • Hello?

  • Hello, Alexa, it's Marie!

  • Hi Marie, how are you?

  • Well, I'm all right. By the way, we are going out tonight, aren't we?

  • Er, yeah ok, super! Where are we going?

  • Ah, well listen, you will see, it's a surprise.

  • Ooh! A surprise! I'm going out tonight. A surprise! What time?

  • I will pick you up at eight o'clock. Be ready.

  • Super! I'll be ready. I'll get ready now. Bye.

  • Bye, kiss, kiss!

  • Kiss, kiss!

  • This is great! I am going out tonight!

  • What am I going to wear?

  • Ok, first of all I need to shave.

  • That’s right, I have to shave, here we go!

  • Ow! Ow! Ow! That really hurt!

  • What do I need? I need, I need, I need... to put on a little powder.

  • Some powder.

  • There, that's done!

  • No, something is missing. A little black eyeliner under the eyes... There!

  • Ow! Ow! Ow! Like this!

  • ...and a little mascara too.

  • J’aite, can’t wait! A little bit of mascara!

  • There. And a little bit of lipstick as well!

  • A little bit there and therelike that! The lipstick, there you go!

  • What do I look like? Is this ok? Is this ok? Yes? Ok.

  • Oh, I have to get dressed too. I have to get dressed? Yes? Oh, well yes!

  • What am I going to wear?

  • Ok, I'll start, I'm going to perhaps put on a red shirt.

  • There, the red shirt. So?

  • No, I don't like it.

  • Another one!

  • The blue shirt? So? Not really! Not really? No! Oh, you are difficult! Ok, I'll change.

  • A white shirt? Ah yes, I like it! Very good!

  • Then maybe with a green scarf?

  • Yes, very pretty! No, I don't like it! Oh well come on! A green scarf, no? Non! Ok, not a green scarf!

  • The blue one with little white polka dots! The blue one with little white polka dots!

  • There we go, the blue one with little white polka dots! Is it good? Perfect! Super!

  • I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!

  • Ok, I am missing my great spectacles!

  • So?

  • You have beautiful eyes, you know! Thank you, I know.

  • That's it, I'm ready! We are going out tonight with Marie at eight o'clock.

  • Oh la la, I can't wait! Oh, telephone...

  • Hello? Hello, Alexa? Yes! It's Marie, I am waiting for you outside. Are you ready to go to the opera?

  • I hope you are smartly dressed!

  • To the opera!? We are going to the opera?! Well yes.

  • Ok, well… I'm coming… I'm waiting for you! Ok. Goodbye. Goodbye.

  • Oops, we are going to the opera!

  • and now... so you have to call me.

  • Er, did I put it the right way? No.

  • Ok quick quick quick (there's one minute left) quick, one minute, quick, quick, quick, that's it...

Hello and welcome to Learn French With Alexa.


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Alexa出門了(與Alexa一起學習法語的基礎法語詞彙)。 (Alexa Goes Out (basic French vocabulary from Learn French With Alexa))

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