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  • Undertoads, if there's one thing about Sonic that everyone can agree on, it's that he is

  • blue and he's gotta go fast. I'm not going to complain about how the newer sonic games

  • are bad because I've never really played them, and I'm not going to Mario is better because

  • they're different games with different gameplay aspects.

  • Back in the 90's Sega had a success with Sonic. He had three TV shows, comic books, toys,

  • and a library of awesome video games. And yeah, Mario had the same thing, sure sure,

  • but after the Genesis rocked the world with its blast processing and high definition graphics

  • and what not, Sega decided to release some Sonic games on their older home console, the

  • Master System, as well as on the Game Gear. This is Sonic game; Sonic Chaos, on the Sega

  • Master system. Some will look at this game and say "Wow,

  • it looks a bit rough!". After seeing sonic in 16 bit, why would anyone want to see him

  • in the 8 bit world? Well, consider the market. Not everyone had migrated to the expensive

  • Genesis yet, even by 93 when this game was released. But Sega wanted people to eventually

  • get on the Genesis Express and start their 16 bit gaming adventures. So why not introduce

  • players who still owned a Master System to their prodigal son, Sonic? In this game he's

  • still fast, he still collects Chaos emeralds and he's still kicking Robotnik's but, so

  • there's not a ton that's just isn't as pretty.

  • Now that's a stretch of a reason for the games creation. Granted, the Master System didn't

  • have the sales figures the NES did, thus not having the install base, but it wouldn't surprise

  • me if that was the logic behind it. Sonic Chaos plays exactly like it should:

  • You collect rings, roll through enemies, and stop the fat balding doctor from collecting

  • the chaos emeralds. It's the same story you've seen before, though Sonic Chaos is a little

  • too easy when compared to its Genesis counterparts. But what is impressive about Sonic Chaos and

  • its other 8-bit Sonic relatives is that it still has that feeling of going fast. And

  • if your wits are not about you, you won't be very good at this game. It's not as fast

  • as the Genesis games, but it doesn't need to be because it's still fun and feels like

  • a Sonic game. A supplement to the Sonic games you've already played and loved, if you will.

  • One thing I can complain about is playing as Tails. Sure, it's nice to be able to play

  • as the two tailed fox right off the bat, but he offers little change from the Blue Blur's

  • gameplay. He doesn't fly like he does in the genesis games and he can only take off from

  • the ground, which makes him near useless to play as. But he's there if you want to use

  • him. Sonic Chaos is out on the Virtual Console, of course it's on the Master System (what

  • we're looking at here) and it's on the Game Gear. While it doesn't do anything to change

  • the Sonic formula, it doesn't need to, because it's still a fun Sonic the Hedgehog release.

  • It's Sonic Chaos, on the Sega Master System!

Undertoads, if there's one thing about Sonic that everyone can agree on, it's that he is


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CGRundertow SONIC CHAOS for Sega Master System電子遊戲評測 (CGRundertow SONIC CHAOS for Sega Master System Video Game Review)

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