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  • >>This is Joe Bosso from MusicRadar and i'm with Michael Manning, guitar tech for Joe

  • Satriani. Michael, how you doing? >>Doing fine thank you.

  • >>We are in New York for the Chickenfoot gig and we are just getting ready for soundcheck

  • and Michael, what guitar here do you have of Joes

  • >>Well this is his new Chickenfoot guitar, chickenfoot logo, JS1200 I believe, and this

  • is his main guitar right now >>And I see it has the Chickenfoot logo of

  • course >>Yes

  • >>Any specific changes to his normal guitar? >>No, just I went from 10, from 9s to 10s

  • and it's actually dropped down a half step, took down a half step.

  • >>Ok, and why did you go from 9s to 10s. >>Well if you tune down a half step, the 9s

  • gets a little flimsy you know, just wanted a little meat to it.

  • >>Fantastic, so this would be his number 1 guitar on stage right?

  • >>Right >>And what would be the number 2 guitar?

  • >>Well number 2, is this guitar here, this is another 1200 which he has done a little

  • artwork on himself. >>Yes he has, there you go.

  • >>The famous Joe Satriani figures. >>Ok, and anything specific about this guitar

  • we should know? >>No, same as the other one

  • >>Ok. Now you've been with Joe for some time huh?

  • >>Yes I have, since 88. >>How has it been working with Chickenfoot

  • as opposed to working with Joe solo? >>Uh, it's more fun!

  • >>Oh yeah? >>Yeah, there's vocals you know, it's different.

  • Joes a lot looser and it's like all the focus is on him you know.

  • >>Ok. >>He's smiling a lot.

  • >>There you go. Let's go to his pedal board. >>You wanna? Ok

  • >>Sure. >>Well here we have a very nice looking pedal

  • board. It's a very simple thing, there's no effects racks or anything so the signal actually

  • goes into this Vox wah-wah pedal, and this POG here, to this micro POG, then we'll trace

  • it over here to the Voodoo vibe. The Voodoo vibe goes into this saturator here which is,

  • he uses these two together because the gains lower on that, this one here.

  • >>Ok. >>Then it goes into the flanger, into the

  • other, no i'm sorry let me correct that. It's going into here, then into the flanger. >>Ok. Alright.

  • Then it's coming out of the flanger it's going

  • back to the amps. These two delays, one is short, one is long and they are into the effects

  • loop of one of the amps, so he has a dry amp, and a wet amp.

  • >>Ok, and these are his new babies right? >>Right.

  • >>Ok, how are the new JSXs working out? These are the 50s right?

  • >>No, these are the 120 watts. >>Ok.

  • >>He's just using a clean channel, we've got 25W greenbacks in the cabinets, and they're

  • working out great. >>Well, can we get a demonstration of the sound?

  • >>Yeah sure.

  • >>You know, you'd think after 21 years of working for Joe i'd know how to play guitar.

  • >>I'm sure you're going to dazzle us. >>Ok, i'm not supposed to make any noise,

  • but so here's the delay, the short one, the long one, sometimes he'll use both at the

  • same time. Mostly it's just the short one. This here is the main saturator.

  • Which he gets all this gain from.

  • This ones quieter, cause he uses it with the Voodoo vibe.

  • The flanger. See they're telling me no noise, so we'll have to turn the gain down, so as

  • not to make that much noise. There's the POGs, and he uses this POG for his, they do a song

  • Highway stars and he's getting the Keyboard sound from getting these 2 POGs together I

  • believe. It does sound like a keyboard a little bit. And then here is his big bad wah right

  • here, which is just a wah-wah pedal. Basically that's it, but we can't forget this right

  • here though, a very important part of the rig.

  • >>What's that? >>Right down here, this is the power supply

  • that we use to get steady power to the whole backline, bass, drums and guitars.

  • It's a Furman AR-Pro, a very important part of the rig to me. A very long time ago, I think when

  • I did an interview with you on paper. >>Yeah.

  • >>And it was Juice Qs and it was powered by a Slim Jim, remember that?

  • >>That's right, exactly. >>Alright, well hey, thank you very much.

  • >>You're welcome. >>Michael Manning, this is Joe Bosso with

  • MusicRadar and thank you very much. >>Hold on.

  • >>Foot! >>There you go, thank you very much.

  • >>You're welcome.

>>This is Joe Bosso from MusicRadar and i'm with Michael Manning, guitar tech for Joe


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喬-薩特里亞尼的現場小雞腳吉他裝備。 (Joe Satriani's live Chickenfoot guitar rig)

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