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I've got a bit of a bone to pick with you man.
You were talking a bit of smack last week about Vegemite.
We got any Aussies here? Any Aussies?
Yeah we have some Australians. Any Aussie's here?
- Yeah two of them. They're very quiet. - Yeah.
- Yeah, I was like yeah. -Yeah
No, I tried Vegemite for the first time, yeah.
And you don't really dig it.
Well, I just, I feel it's missing a few ingredients or something.
Like? Like...?
- I don't know, it's just... - Chocolate?
Something's off! I don't know what it was.
It's not. I'll tell you what's off.
Because I did see it. Someone showed me the tape.
You just... You didn't eat it in the right way, man.
Vegemite, you can't just... it's not like Nutella. You can't scoop it on.
It's just refined, just a little, a little bit.
In fact, I want to show you how to do it.
Yeah, here we go.
That's because... Come on, man, we're mates. And so...
You gotta have it on toast, first thing in the morning.
If you want to be an Australian. If you gonna go to Australia, this is what you gonna do.
This is my public service announcement for Australia.
You gotta get like the crappiest bread possible.
It doesn't matter, what...
It's gotta be white, it's gotta be fluffy, and it has to be just this soft like six months ago on the shelf.
It doesn't change.
- It never changes. - It never gets hard, alright.
Anyway, I'm gonna show you.
This is gonna take a little while, but let's just chat while...
Okay, do you remember these guys last time when we were on the show?
- Yeah. - We put these wigs on.
- And we were joking around... - Just get a little whiff of that.
Good God!
- There's nothing like... - That is correct. That's a good slogan.
- I just love the label. - There's nothing like Vegemite.
Vegemite, yeast extract.
It gets you salivating.
Something like that, yeah yeah.
Yeast extract, it's a real thing.
It did bring up some memories.
Those guys with the mullets, we had on these mullets and you were like I want to see this on taxi TV, right?
- And then, it actually happened. - That's about taxi TV.
I jumped in the taxi, and we were on taxi TV.
- Exactly. - Wasn't that weird?
- It was a great moment for me. - Yeah, exactly.
Look like the time is... aww, perfect.
Lightly, beautifully toast, look at that!
Look at that. That's a good toast.
Do you want to do some as well?
Sure, absolutely, I'll try it.
Now what am I doing wrong?
Fancy, butter knife.
Alright, what do we do?
Just a nice, thin layer of butter, it's gonna melt in.
Uh huh, alright.
The butter has to melt in, so it has to be a hot piece of toast, right.
Yeah, there we go.
Perfect butter, not too hard.
Yeah, this is good, white bread, in quote, bread.
We've got a piece for everyone here. We're gonna get that right now.
And now it's on there.
- Okay, see this. -Yeah.
-Maximum. -What?
Maximum Vegemite, no more than that.
This is basically, it looks black and it looks kind of a... it's just salt.
That's all it is. It is beautiful yeast extract.
This is the best.
Direct from the outback of Australia.
Just literally picked off of the gas station floor.
So it looks better than the one I had.
I'm actually salivating. Do you see that spit?
Yeah, you really are salivating.
- Toast. - Cheer.
Toast, yeah, literally, yeah.
Umm, right?
Much better!
I guess I don't hate it. That's like salt!
- That's it! - Oh, fantastic!
Yeah, I really like it. Got to try it, here.
I saw you want a little bit, I saw that.
I'll try it. I'll try it.
Just try it, quick, be honest.
You don't want to try some?
That's Vegemite. You're gonna love it.
Oh, snap!
Yeah, what do you think?
I like it!
Yes! Pretty good, right?
That's a good review, "oh snap".
Oh snap, I like it! Oh snap, I like it.



【多元文化】男神休傑克曼教你如何正確吃澳洲國民美食!(Hugh Jackman Shows Jimmy How to Really Eat Vegemite)

137127 分類 收藏
Annie Kuo 發佈於 2018 年 12 月 20 日    Annie Kuo 翻譯    Mii Wei 審核
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