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(Theme effect) ...[Ding]...
Hi... everyone !
Do you miss me?
Because I really miss you !!
..miss all of my fans
And today I have good news to tell you !
this Album is..
get very very support..
So good !.. because of you !!
I want you to hurry up !
to booking this Album ! because..
It's a limited edition
and you will get.. special..
CD !.. in this !!
OK ! and.. someone will think..
how different about normal album and..
limited edition album.. right?
ehm.. in this edition.. we will have..
CD.. full of fifteen..
quality singers.. No no no..
It's.. fourteen !
Fourteen quality singers, but not including me
Because I am just a baby in this Album..
Haa.. I'm (just) out for a Singer
And.. we will have..
The guitar player..
I think he is the best in Thailand..
and.. best for me.. because..
When he's playing guitar..
is like..
is like his soul.. in his song
He can create a nice melody..
for this song..
..and that's his style
His name is..
Mr. Cheepchanok Sriyamas
And.. I think if you would.. try..
try to listen in every song.. in this Album
maybe you will be his fan, too !!
And.. especially for me..
We've got a very very good Producer !
and.. I think he is a..
His name.. Boss !!
He is the Owner.. to Classy, too !
And he can.. create.. ehm..
through ehh.. everything around him..
and write it down.. to a song !
So good !!
And you can visit it and contact at..
at World Wide Web dot
Facebook dot Com
slash Classy Fan Club
and don't forget to click [like]
for this Fan Page, too !!
And.. don't be waiting..
Because.. now..
This Album is nearly..
nearly for out of being..
pro-ducer's.. @#$
Five.. hundred..?
is.. Ohh.. So sorry..
Five thousand in the launch month
And.. er.. ehr..
And one more News !!
Okay now.. I..
I'd try to thinking.. ehm..
I want to say with you..
OK ! and one News !!
I will got a full..
album !
but.. huu hur..
It's a project in the future..
And I hope you to..
support me like this !
I'm very glad to..
get warm welcomes from all of you..
When I saw my news.. in Taiwan news..
I swear !!
I.. crying with my Mom..
hur.. hum..
And feel like..
I'm just a normal girl,
I'm just a little girl, but..
I can.. I can be..
in your heart..
That.. so great !!
And Thank YOU.. for that !!
And I hope to see you soon !
I hope see you and..
want to.. touch !
touch every hand.. huu hur..
and want to touch all your hearts, too !!
Thank YOU !!
Hope see you.. Soon !!
I swear ! I'll try !!
...thank you...
(Now available)
(Now available for reservation)
(Now available for reservation)
(Now available for reservation)
[Thank you for all your support!!]


瘋泰國陽光正妹 Newwy Patitta 再次感謝台灣相挺 [中文字幕]

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阿多賓 發佈於 2013 年 6 月 22 日
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