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The music video you're about to watch is for a song called Our Song.
This is a song that I wrote...
to play at my high school talent show.
And it ended up being my first, number one actually, at country radio.
which was fun.
And, this guitar,
was in the...
oh no.
We need glue.
This guitar was actually in the music video for Our Song.
I think it came about
because we had ordered the black guitar
and it was damaged.
And so,
you know, like,
the number one way to fix stuff is glue.
Sparkly stuff on it.
So that's what we did.
We glued crystals on it.
I actually ended up playing it in a lot of world shows.
I took it on tour.
We had a lot of, like, crystals and glue around
for when I accidentally like knock them off.
but yeah, it was like,
I don't know,
sparkle guitar.
it's a real phase I went through.
I think I am still in it actually.
In this video,
I was laying on a bed of flowers
It was the same color of my dress.
At the end of the shoot,
we actually bagged up all the flowers in trash bags
which is glamorous.
I took them on tour
and in the meet-and-greets that I would do
after the shows I would sign autographs for hours in the parking lots.
And we would give people the flowers from the video.
So there are actually a lot of people out there
who have the flowers from this music video.
I am not one of them.
But, they are out there somewhere.
I imagined.



在泰勒絲 MV 中出現的吉他其實大有來頭! (Taylor Swift Now - Ep.7: On a Video Shoot (Part 2) Our Song)

18463 分類 收藏
Adam_Lu 發佈於 2017 年 3 月 27 日
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