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(Speaking in French)
(Speaking in French)
(Speaking in Cantonese)
(Speaking in Cantonese)
What's up guys, it's Jeffrey. How's everybody doing?
I don't know if you know this about me but
I am trilingual
Which means that I can speak fluently in 3 different languages
I can French, English, and Cantonese
But I mean its not a big deal , it's not like its something I would ever brag about
You think you're all that? Look, I'm trilingual!
Which means I can speak three different languages
PSHH what can you do? You can't even speak one!
Okay maybe sometimes.
I think the reason why is whenever I see somebody that can speak a different language that I don't know
I feel it's pretty attractive
The other day I went to this Mexican restaurant
and this waitress approached us and said some beautiful things
Buenos días, cómo está.
Here's the menu for today! Would you like anything to drink?
*In Awe*
U...Uhhh... W..would you like anything to drink?
*weirded out*
Don't judge me
I uhh... *tiny laugh*
Anyways, nowadays whenever I meet somebody new
I try to let them know that I can speak different languages.
Just in case they think it's attractive
But it's not like I shove it in their face. I do it pretty subtlely though.
I'm trilingual!
I.. I'm.. trilingual
Kind of subtlety
Okay! Apart from trying to look attractive and smart
being trilingual has its own advantage
Like I don't have to talk in people’s back anymore
How much is that purse?
Oh, this purse right here is 100 dollars
100 dollars?
(Speaking French)
(Speaking French)
(Speaking French)
Is it too expensive? I can understand French a little bit
What? No no no, not at all. It's not. We can totally afford it
(Speaking Cantonese)
(Speaking Cantonese)
(Speaking Cantonese)
(Speaking Cantonese)
Okay bye bye!
Thank you...
Okay that maybe more impolite than nice but it's still an advantage though
However there is one thing that can get really annoying
Whenever I met somebody new that learns that I can speak French or Cantonese
they ask me to say something in those languages
Now I can understand the curiosity and I don't mind teaching new words.
I guess what can kinda get annoying is that every time I tell them just a random word
they're not satisfied with the word I choose
Say something in French!
Ugh alright. What do you want me to say?
Are you sure there's nothing you want to learn?
I don't care just say whatever!
Alright. Umh chien?
What does that mean?
It means dog
Dog? Really? Of all the words you could have chose you chose dog?!
Like how is that even going to help me? How is that constructive to my life?
Aww what's that?
Oh that's a chien
You know how French?! The language of love, that is so hot!
I guess a little bit
Oh my Gosh! I've always wanted to learn French! KISS ME
Haha YES
Are you serious?
Just in case you were wondering why I can speak 3 languages
is because my mom is from Madagascar, Africa and she can speak Cantonese and French
My dad is from Hong Kong so he speaks English and Cantonese
And I'm from Montreal, Canada where it speaks French and English
And I speak Cantonese with my parents
One funny thing is my mom watches all my videos
but she doesn't understand a single thing in English but she still watches them
This one's really funny!
Really?! You understood this one?
Nope, I didn't understand anything
And it's at that moment that Jeffrey realized that he will never understand women
I guess that's unconditional support?
Speaking of support, I just want to say a big thank you to all of you guys
for helping this YouTube channel reach 100,000 subscribers
Its crazy to me that people all around the world
are spreading the word about my YouTube videos and support me
So thank you so much! And because you are all around the world
leave me in the comments down below what language or languages do you speak
I'll see you guys next time.
This is JeffreyFever and I'm pressing the record button! Now PEACE!
Wow this guy can speak French, English, AND Cantonese?! He is so smart!
Ha this video was technically over but i overheard what you said
Oh stop your too much, but I'll take it though
Wut dah...



身為一個三語者,你可以...當面說人家的壞話!原來好處還不止這個而已 (I'm Trilingual)

13104 分類 收藏
Brain Lee 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 6 日
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