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  • My rocket!

  • Wait! Riley and I are still using that rocket!

  • It still has its song power left!

  • Who's the friend you like to play?

  • Noooo!

  • Riley and I are gonna need it back!

  • Riley and I are going to the moon.

  • Riley can't be done with me ...

  • Hey, it's gonna be okay!

  • We can fix this!

  • We just need to get back the headquarter.

  • Which way to the train station?

  • I had a whole trip planned for us.

  • Hey, who's ticklish, huh?!

  • Here's come a tickle monster!

  • Hey Bing Bong, look at this!

  • Oh, here's a fun game!

  • You point to the train station and we'll all go there!

  • Will that be fun?

  • Let's go to the train station!

  • I'm sorry they took your rocket.

  • They took something that you loved.

  • It's gone!

  • Forever ...

  • Sadness!

  • Don't make him feel worse!

  • Sorry ...

  • It's all I have left of Riley ...

  • I bet you and Riley had great adventures.

  • Oh, we were wonderful!

  • Once, we flew back in time and we had breakfast twice that day.

  • Sadness!

  • It sounds amazing! I bet Riley liked it!

  • Oh, she did!

  • We were best friends.

  • Yeah, it's sad.

  • I'm okay now.

  • Come on! The train station is this way.

  • How did you do that?

  • I don't know. I feel sad so I listened to what ...

My rocket!


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A2 初級 美國腔

我的火箭》Inside Out片段 ('My Rocket' Inside Out clip)

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