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Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business
and life you love.
Now, if you’ve ever felt like you’re falling behind and you’re afraid that there’s
no room left at the top, this episode is for you.
Today’s question comes from Britt and she writes:
“Hi, Marie.
Let me first say how much I adore you and your insight.
You’re genuine and loving and it translates through everything you do.”
Thank you!
“I recently started an online interior design business and it’s getting off the ground
slower than I hoped.
I’m watching friends succeed in similar business models quickly and easily.
So here’s my question, how does one not become frustrated and jealous of those who
are achieving the things you so desperately want?
I want to be happy for them, but part of me feels like there are limited spots on the
Thanks so much, love Britt.”
Britt, this is a great question.
Now, I want you to know something: I have never met one creative entrepreneur, present
company included, who hasn’t felt frustrated or upset when they feel like other people
are just zooming past them.
So you are not alone.
But the short answer here is, no, there are not limited spots on the podium.
We do not live in a zero sum world and there is more than enough opportunity to go around
for everyone.
However, the comparison impulse is really what’s crushing you here.
It’s addictive and it’s deadly and it will destroy your business and your happiness
if you let it.
So first and most importantly, my friend, put down the compare-schlager.
Britt, you have got to go cold turkey.
People say comparison is the thief of joy.
I’ve called it the Hamburglar of happiness.
But when it comes to your small business, it gets even more dire because comparison
really is the robber of results, the pillager of profits, the pickpocket of prosperity,
and those are three things that every entrepreneur needs in order to survive.
Alright, ma’am.
So when did you notice your prosperity was missing?
Did you see the guy who took your prosperity?
We’ve had a lot of complaints of comparison work in this neighborhood.
Yeah, it sounds like comparison again.
We’ll keep an eye out for you though.
This is serious, Britt.
Because every time you do a shot of compare-schlager you are slowly killing any chance your small
business has of succeeding.
You know, most people don't realize it but they actually waste hours every single day
comparing themselves to others.
And the only way to stop is by cutting yourself off.
So take a look at your habits.
Are you following certain people on social media?
Are you constantly checking certain websites and then feeling like crap after?
Identify the specific behavior patterns that just trigger you and stop it.
Here’s a hint.
Don't rely on willpower.
Unfollow people you compare yourself to on social media if that’s one of your vices.
Even better, take those apps off your damn phone, woman.
Do the equivalent on your laptop too.
So you can Google free website blocker and you’ll find loads of options that prevent
you from visiting sites that just waste your time.
Now, once that’s done, the very best remedy for feeling behind is getting ahead.
Now, I went ahead and did a little research on you, Britt, to learn more about you and
your business.
And it’s clear by your testimonials that you are so good at what you do, and I also
love how much you love animals, but there are some changes I suggest you consider that
will help just create a better user experience for your customers and ideally get you more
So let’s take a look.
Alright, first thing, Britt.
You need a clear tagline and a headline that really tells us what you do.
We don't even know what you offer until we scroll way down.
Simple solutions for a home you’ll love.
I mean, that could be stools, it could be countertops, it could be a store that sells
finishes, it could be software that helps you plot out a room.
So first I’d suggest swapping out this tagline in the upper left corner from “simple solutions
for a home you’ll love” to “affordable interior design services.”
Next you should have a clear headline on this big hero image, and make sure the headline
is above the fold.
Why, you may be asking?
Well, because you have about 3 seconds or less when someone comes to your website in
order for them to decide whether you can help them solve their problem or not.
Remember this, if you confuse people you lose people.
Now, often the best headlines come directly from the mouths of our customers, and I found
this great headline way down at the bottom of your site that explains exactly what you
Professional design on a DIY budget.
Now, down the road you may not want to focus on budget, but for now that seems to be the
promise you make and a point of differentiation for your business.
It is way more specific than simple solution, so it’s much better.
Alright, let’s move on.
The next thing I want you to do is simplify.
There’s a lot happening on your homepage and as a potential customer, I’m not sure
exactly where to look or what to click.
One quick fix, eliminate social media from your homepage.
Here’s why.
If you’re lucky enough to get someone to your website, do not send that traffic away
to the distraction mecca of social media.
You’re doing it three times here on your homepage, so let’s remove those immediately.
Also, I think your navigation could be simpler and more customer-focused.
So, for example, I’d suggest losing the “how it works” from your navigation and
simply going with “services,” which is crystal clear to anyone who might want to
hire you.
You can easily make 3 dropdowns for each of what appear to be your core services: virtual
interior design, in person interior design, and home staging for realtors or sellers.
I’d also suggest removing “home” and “shop” from your top navigation and recommend
changing the copy from “get in touch” to “contact.”
People know they can always click on your logo to go back home.
Ok, next up, testimonials.
So, Britt, your success stories are great.
However, right now they scroll by way too fast.
I can’t even read them before they go on to the next one.
And I think they’re way too far down on the page, so I’d love you to move them up,
perhaps underneath your hero image and either slow them way down or allow your user to control
the scroll so they can take the time and really read what people have to say about your good
Next, let’s take a look at your portfolio.
So this is an area where there’s a lot of opportunity for growth and for you to really
showcase your amazing work.
So first up, I would not suggest that the first image on your portfolio page be a quote
It needs to be a really great, high quality photo of an inspiring interior that you helped
pull together or your best before and after.
Now, another challenge in this section, the copy stays the same as I scroll, which is
a missed opportunity to describe each photo and how you helped your client create the
results they wanted.
And the functionality of scrolling through is a little bit confusing as it is right now.
This is an area where I think it would be helpful to look at other design sites and
take inspiration from how they lay out really clear before and after photos.
Britt, again, it is clear from your testimonials and from your pictures that you’re really
talented and so good at what you do.
And, trust me, I know how much work it takes to get any website up, so congrats on all
you’ve done so far.
Hopefully, these suggestions will help you continue to evolve and grow your business.
Now, there’s a lot more that you can do, Britt.
Especially once you get uber clear on your ideal customers, you create an even stronger
web conversion strategy and learn how to really differentiate yourself in your market, all
of which, I have to say, we do cover in B-School.
Given the fact that you’re a new business owner, you’d be perfect for that program
if it’s something you’re interested in.
You can learn more at JoinBSchool.com.
Now, let’s wrap up this episode with a tweetable.
“Comparison isn’t just the thief of joy; it’s the pillager of profits and the pickpocket
of prosperity.”
That was my very long A to your Q, Britt.
I do hope it helps.
And now I would love to hear from you.
So we talked about the power of going cold turkey on compare-schlager.
We also talked about some tactical website changes that can really help any small business
be more clear and customer focused.
So based on everything that we covered today, what’s the single most important action
you can take to support both your happiness and your growth?
As always, the very best conversations happen after the episode over at MarieForleo.com,
so head on over there and leave a comment now.
Once you’re there, be sure you subscribe to our email list and become an MF insider.
You’re going to get instant access to a powerful audio training I created called How
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You’ll also get some exclusive content and special giveaways and updates from me that
I just don't share anywhere else.
Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams, because the world needs that very
special gift that only you have.
Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time on MarieTV.
B-School is coming up.
Want in?
For more info and free training, go to JoinBSchool.com.
Did you see the guy?
Your glasses are foggy though, we can’t see.
Oh, we’re getting whispers.
Whispers don't make friends.


停止比較事業與幸福 (How to Stop Comparison From Destroying Your Business and Happiness)

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