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Kia ora, welcome to the Bay of Islands!
Are you heading up North?
Yeah … perfect season for a roadie I reckon.
Do you need another ride?
Say no more!
Since we’re going to be travelling together,
we thought we’d share some safety tips for your journey.
You don’t say.
You’re gonna need to obey all crew member instructions,
placards and illuminated signs.
Any loose items, should be stowed in the overhead locker
or under the seat in front of you.
Hey, we’ve got room for one more.
And we’ve got ice creams.
Thanks guys!
If the fasten seatbelt sign lights up,
return to your seat and make it click.
Belts fit low across your hips.
You should really keep it on for the whole trip.
Far out, we gotta stop!
If you’re gonna get up,
it’s a good idea to lift the lever first.
Thanks, Rach!
Sorry folks, that’s the last of them.
Going my way?
I am now!
You’re looking a little pale there, Jayden.
If you need air, oxygen masks will fall down from above.
Just pull down on the mask,
place it over your nose and mouth,
and tighten it by pulling on both sides of the elastic.
Don’t worry if the bag doesn’t inflate,
oxygen will flow nice and easy.
And make sure you’ve got your own mask on
before helping children or those less able,
like my friend Bill.
Kia hiwa ra, kia hiwa ra Whanau. (Be alert, pay attention, family.)
If an emergency were to happen during take-off or landing,
you’re going to need to fasten your seatbelt,
and place your forehead against the seat in front.
Put your feet back firmly on the floor,
and hold your lower legs.
Now if there’s no seat in front of you, or it’s too far away,
put one hand over the other on top of your head,
elbows either side of your legs and feet back firmly on the floor.
Ae koina! That’s it.
And all those in Business Premier
sit upright with your hands on your thighs
and your feet firmly on the floor.
I believe you’re in my seat.
Hey Jayden, we’re heading out to see the sights.
You coming?
How fast does this thing go?
About 25 knots.
Lifejackets are within easy reach of your seat.
They’re easy to fasten while you’re sitting down.
Just rip back the tag,
place it over your head,
clip the straps together and tighten.
Remember, only pull on the red tab to inflate
after you’ve exited the aircraft.
How do I look?
For more inflation, blow into the mouthpiece.
We’ve got lifejackets for all sizes – even infants.
And remember, smoking is prohibited anywhere on board.
And that includes using
and charging electronic cigarettes anywhere,
including the lavatories.
Are we there yet? Because I really need to …
Jump in bro!
So, what are you doing?
Shooting a safety video.
I’ve always wanted to be in one of those, bro.
Do you reckon we might see a real kiwi?
Nah, not likely mate, they’re creatures of the night mostly.
Hey, look up. Your crew are now pointing out the exits.
In the unlikely event of an emergency,
escape path lighting will show you the way.
Take note and count the rows to your nearest exit,
they could be … behind you.
Miiharo …
Yeah, amazing.
And if you do need to evacuate the aircraft,
leave all baggage behind.
For more information,
refer to the safety card in the seat pocket in front of you.
Or ask your flight attendant.
Well our awesome journey is over,
but yours is just about to begin.
So on behalf of all of your crew
and all of Northland’s fine people.
Thanks for flying Air New Zealand.


充滿活力的飛安影片帶螢幕前你一起環遊世界 (Summer of Safety #AirNZSafetyVideo)

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