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  • Hey what's up everybody, it's ya boy Motoki Maxted. Back at it again with a new video.

    嗨,大家好,我是Motoki Maxted 歡迎大家收看我的新影片

  • Today I'm visiting my parents out here in the state of Texas.


  • And fuck it is hot here.


  • And if you couldn't tell from the title of this video, I'm introducing you to my mom.

    如果你不懂影片標題要表達的意思 我先向你們介紹我媽

  • Woah! How did you do that mom where did you come from? You know mom, until yesterday,

    哇嗚!媽你怎麼做到的?從哪裡蹦出來的啊?(尷尬) 你知道的,到昨天為止

  • I hadn't seen you in 7 months. And I also haven't drove in 7 months, so this could be fun.

    我整整7個月沒見到你。 而且我也7個月沒開車了,應該會發生很有趣的事

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself.


  • "I'm Motoki's mom, my son Motoki is-"


  • Alright cool!

    非常好 到這裡!

  • So mom I got some questions for you, I'm just going to ask them, you can answer them however

    所以媽,我要問你幾個問題 我隨便出幾個題目,你可以選擇要不要回答

  • you want. So if you had to pick something that you most like about me, what would you

    假如我叫你選最喜歡我的一點? 你會選甚麼?

  • choose? I know there's a lot to choose from, but if you had to.

    我知道有很多選擇 ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ, 你可以盡量說沒關係。

  • "He's very kind person, he likes to take care of someone."


  • Oh, stop!

    哦~少來了~ ( ´థ皿థ)

  • What do you least like about me? Wait, don't answer that.

    那你最不喜歡我哪裡? 等一下,不要真的回答

  • Do you ever stop to think about how weird it is that I came out of your body?

    你有沒有想過我曾經從你體內竄出來是多奇怪的一件事? (´・ω・`)

  • No, I gotta catch some Pokemon mom, there's a freaking Snorlax.

    不,我得收服這些寶可夢 那裏有隻活生生的卡比獸!

  • So tell me mom have you ever done drugs before? Don't even act like we didn't do coke together.

    老實告訴我,媽你以前有吸毒過嗎? 別一副很像我們沒一起吸過古柯鹼 "蛤?!∑( ̄□ ̄;)"

  • Alright we're stopping to get some juice. Mm, mm, yum! Back on the road!

    好,我們要停下去買些果汁 "恩~好喝" 繼續上路~

  • Mom are you slim thick?

    媽媽你前凸後翹(slim thick)嗎?

  • "Slim slick?" No, slim thick.

    “前禿後笑(slim slick)?" 不,前凸後翹(slim thick)

  • Do you know how to dab? "Dab?" Dab. "No."

    你知道怎麼Dab嗎?(一個頭觸手肘的動作) "Dab? 不知道"

  • So you just go *dabs*.

    就是*喔!*這樣 (´⊙ω⊙`)

  • Take the wheel mom!

    媽,接手方向盤! Σ(゚Д゚;≡;゚д゚)

  • What's your favorite memory of me? All time favorite memory of me.

    你最喜歡關於我的甚麼回憶? 從以前到現在

  • "Ah there is so many." Oh really? I mean whatever, yeah.

    "啊~有很多耶 “ 哦,真的嗎?我是說 隨便啦( ^ω^)

  • I'm a superb driver.

    我開車技術超屌 ಠ౪ಠ

  • "No no no no." I lied.

    "開錯了開錯了" 我收回前面的話

  • This camera will not stop moving.


  • "Welcome to Mcdonalds how can I help you?" What's up? Can I get ah..

    歡迎光臨麥當勞,請問要點甚麼? “你好阿兄弟,恩..我要..." (๑*_*๑)

  • "You need to pay here right?" It says second window, let me live my life mom.

    “你應該要在剛剛那裡付錢吧 ” 指標寫著下一個窗口,讓我主導我的人生吧媽

  • Thank you.


  • So out of the three kids, who's your favorite?


  • Me obviously.


  • Alright mom we gotta do a little freestyle okay? Freestyle rap, you ready?

    好,媽,我們來一段即興表演好嗎 即興饒舌好了,準備好了嗎

  • Okay, alright, here we go.


  • Hey what's up my name is Motoki, uh-huh yeah that's me, we driving fast, turn the key.

    *安安你好我是MOTOKI* *沒錯就是我* *我們發動引擎 全速前進*

  • Got my mom on my right and my left turn, blink, blink, blink, flash the lights.

    *右邊是我母親* *打開車頭燈* *閃閃瞎你的眼睛*

  • Hit it mom! Go, you gotta go!

    該你了媽 ! 上吧 ! 你得接下去 !

  • Mom I think we need to go to the fire station right now that was too fire.

    媽我想我們得去消防站滅火 剛才的rap讓我整個燃燒起來了

  • What's something that you would've done differently like when I was living with you as a kid.

    當我小時候跟你住在一起時 你想做卻沒做的事是甚麼

  • "Maybe I should have given you more chores."

    “也許我應該給你更多的家務。 ”

  • Speed bump.


  • Red light, patty cake!

    紅燈了,小餡餅(patty cake)!

  • Not even looking.


  • Mom I gotta beatbox, you have to join in okay?

    媽我要來一段口技 你得加入好嗎?

  • "Ah look at tha-" AH JESUS!

    "阿阿你看那個-" 阿阿我的天(☉д⊙) (好想知道是甚麼)

  • Were you hungry mo-chan?

    mo醬你餓了嗎? (お腹空いてたの?moちゃん)

  • Yo that dude honked at me, I'm livid. Let's get him mom, let's go beat him, slash his tires.

    喲那傢伙竟然敢按我喇叭 我生氣惹(#`Д´)ノ 媽我們去打爆他,刺破他的輪胎

  • Mom you want me to have kids one day? "..Maybe."

    媽,你希望我有孩子嗎? “..也許。”

  • What if I already have two kids that I forgot to tell you about?


  • "Here you go!"


  • Mom what's your ideal girlfriend for me?


  • Like I'm thinking Kate Upton, Jessica Alba. "Who's that?"

    我在想應該是凱特·阿普頓或潔西卡·艾芭 “那是誰?”

  • Yeah we're back home! I actually


  • have a script written for us here that I want you to play the role of Helen. I'll be playing

    其實我有準備一個為我們寫的劇本 你演海倫(媽媽)

  • the role of James. Ready?

    我演詹姆士(小孩) 準備好了嗎

  • Mom, I need to tell you something! "What do you want?"

    媽媽,跟你說個好消息! “怎樣?"

  • I got an A- in my English class, are you proud of me?

    我的英文成績A- 你以我為榮嗎?

  • "That's great honey, but if you think an A- is good, you've got to be kidding me."

    "親愛的 真不錯 但如果你認為A-就很好了,你一定是在跟我開玩笑。“

  • It's pretty fun.


  • Did you have fun today? "Yeah."

    你今天玩得開心嗎? “開心啊。 ”

  • Yeah? Good, you better have.

    是嗎? 很好,你是應該要感到開心(´σ-`)

  • If you guys enjoyed this video, please give me a thumbs up to let me


  • know, comment if you want, subscribe if you're not already. Thank you guys so much for watching,

    想要的話可以留個言,趕緊訂閱我的頻道 非常感謝大家的收看

  • I'll see you guys next, Motoki Monday.

    我們下一個影片見!!(Motoki Monday)

Hey what's up everybody, it's ya boy Motoki Maxted. Back at it again with a new video.

嗨,大家好,我是Motoki Maxted 歡迎大家收看我的新影片


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