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  • [M] It’s time for [Both] Food Adventure Program For Awesome People. [S] The soup dumpling edition.

    Martina: 又到了 兩人:最酷的美食饗宴!! Simon: 小籠湯包

  • [S] You might see I have little fisties right here. [M] What are these?

    Simon: 你應該有看到我的兩個拳頭 Martina: 這是幹嗎?

  • [S] Because I’m so excited for this. [M] Right here.

    Simon: 因為我太興奮了! Martina: 在這裡

  • [S] This is the #1 thing I wanted to do in Taiwan. Soup dumplings, and were in Din Tai Fung.

    Simon: 這是我在台灣排名第一想做的事。小籠湯包,我們現在在鼎泰豐

  • This is the king of soup dumplings.


  • Oh my god. [M] Let’s go get some XiaoLongBao, ok? [S] Please. [M] Alright.

    Simon:我的天啊! Martina: 我們現在就去吃些小籠包。 Simon: 拜託拜託!Martina: 好

  • Let’s just... It’s happening behind you.


  • [S] Look at this. [M] Don’t smudge the screens.

    Simon: 你看這裡 Martina:不要弄髒玻璃

  • Come on, let’s just go inside. [S] I love you.

    Martina: 好了,進去吧 Simon: 我愛你~

  • [M] Let’s just go inside. [S] I love you. [M] Come on, let’s just, let’s just go.

    Martina: 我們進去吧 Simon: 我愛你~ Martina: 走了,走,走!

  • This is a really strange looking dumpling. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

    Martina: 這是一個長得很奇怪的小籠包,我從來沒有看過這種東西

  • It almost looks like a vegetable of some kind.


  • [S] What is this? [M] Green dumpling. I’ll give anything a try.

    Simon: 這是什麼? Martina: 綠色的小籠湯包。我每個都要試一點。

  • [S] Oh mercy [M] Oh [S] Oh wow [M] It’s a great, spicy, crunchy green bean.

    Simon: 喔我的天啊! Martina:喔~ Simon: 喔天啊! Martina:這是很好吃又很脆的豆子

  • [S] Here we have some spicy cucumbers.

    Simon: 現在這裡有一些辣小黃瓜

  • [M] Oh man. [S] Oh wow, that is delightful.

    Martina: 喔天啊! Simon: 喔,這真讓人開心

  • [M] That is great. It’s still got it’s crunch to it but it has kind of like a sweet vinegar...


  • This is Kao Fu. I think it’s kind of like a seitan or a tempeh or tofu but... [S] I have no idea

    這是烤麩,我猜應該像是素肉或是大豆或是豆腐之類的 Simon: 我完全不知道是什麼

  • [S] That is lovely. [M] Oh man. [S] Oh my god, what is in there?

    Simon:這很好吃 Martina: 喔! Simon: 喔我的天啊!

  • [M] I thought we were coming here just for dumplings and everything on this menu is amazing.

    Martina: 我以為我們來這裡只是為了小籠湯包,但是菜單上的每一樣東西都很好吃

  • [S] That’s unfair, how come they make so many good things in one restaurant, whoa

    Simon: 這太不公平了,他們怎麼可以在同一間餐廳裡面做出這麼多美味的東西,哇~

  • [S] Oh yeahohLook at that steam. [M] Oh my god

    Simon: 喔~你看那個蒸汽 Martina:喔我的天啊 !

  • [S] One simply does not grab a XiaoLongBao and put it in their mouths

    Simon: 一般人不會就直接拿起小籠包然後放進他的嘴巴裡

  • [M] Oh no. [S] Unless they want instant imminent death.

    Martina: 喔不~ Simon: 除非他們想要立刻死亡XD

  • There’s an art to eating this, let us show you the way.


  • Now, the dipping sauce for XiaoLongBao is also quite special.


  • Theyre gonna give you some ginger and then youre gonna add to that ginger out of three parts rice wine vinegar to one part soy sauce


  • and then when you actually eat it, youre gonna put a little bit of the ginger on top


  • with this like kind of soaked vinegar, soy sauce flavor and then eat it.


  • Youre gonna very gently poke a hole in the side of it.


  • [S] Yes, and then you see the juice that comes out. This is the soup of soup dumplings.

    Simon: 然後你就會看到有湯汁流出來,這就是小籠湯包的湯汁

  • [M] This is the nectar of the gods is what you wanted to say.

    Martina: 鮮甜的湯汁根本跟花蜜一樣

  • [S] And now you drink the soup.

    Simon: 現在你喝掉湯汁

  • [S] Oh yes. [M] Oh man, so good.

    Simon: 喔,沒錯 Martina: 喔天啊,太美味了

  • [M] Now were gonna place a little bit [S] of the ginger soy sauce and vinegar combination on top of the dumpling


  • blowing it a little bit just to cool it down.


  • [S] Ok, I think were ready. [M] Are you sure?

    Simon: 我覺得我們準備好了 Martina: 你確定?

  • [S] Ok now, I think were ready, ok. [Martina] Ok, now were ready to eat it.

    Simon: 好了,我想我們可以了 Martina: 現在我們準備好吃它了

  • [M] Ok, here we go. [S] And now we eat.

    Martina:來吧 Simon: 吃吧

  • [Martina singing] Do you realize, ah~


  • [S] Did I ever tell you how much I love you?

    Simon: 我有跟妳說過我有多愛妳嗎?

  • [M] Did I tell you how much I love soup dumplings?

    Martina: 我有跟你說過我有多愛小籠湯包嗎? XD

  • [S] I think we have the most amazing lives. I love everything about this world right now. [M] Yeah.

    Simon: 我覺得我們有了最美好的人生。現在對於這個世界上的每個東西我都愛。 Martina:真的

  • These are the truffle and pork XiaoLongBao. I’ve never even heard of this. [S] Truffle?

    這是松露豬肉小籠包,我從來沒有聽過這個 Simon: 松露?

  • [M] Did you know this even existed? [S] No. [M] No.

    Martina: 這個真的存在嗎? Simon: 不存在 Martina:不存在

  • [S] Oh my god, I’m so happy right now with everything. ([M] Oh my god, look at this.) [S] Here we go.

    Simon: 喔我的天啊!我現在真的對於任何事情都感到很開心。 (Martina: 喔我的天啊!看看這個) Simon: 吃吧

  • [M] Drink the broth.

    Martina: 喝它的湯

  • [S] Oh, that truffle. [M] Oh my gosh. [S] Oh my god, truffles.

    Simon: 喔那松露! Martina: 喔我的天啊!(講好幾次了XD) Simon: 喔天啊!是松露

  • [M] This is gonna ruin your life. Now were never gonna be able to have this exact same thing again.

    Simon: 這真的會毀了你的人生。現在我們再也吃不到跟這個一模一樣的東西了

  • [S] I can never have it without truffles. I can never have it without truffles.

    Simon: 我再也不能吃到松露了~我再也不能吃到松露了~

  • Oh, look at all the truffles in there. They are not messing around.


  • [S] Oh my god. Oh, you already ate yours? [M] What? No!

    Simon: 喔我的天啊! 你已經吃了你的了嗎? Martina: 蛤?沒有!

  • [M] Wow. [S] Unbelievable. [M] Just wow. [S] Just unbelievable. [M] Wow.

    Martina: 哇! Simon: 不敢相信! Martina:只能說,哇~ Simon: 只能說不敢相信! Martina:哇~

  • [S] That doesn’t need any sauce to it. [M] No. [S] I’m having another one. [M] Ok.

    Simon: 這不必沾任何沾醬 Martina:完全不需要 Simon: 我要再吃一個 Martina:好

  • [S] The ginger is so nice on here as well. [M] It’s just like a combination, guys.

    Simon: 加了薑絲在這裡也一樣好吃 Martina:它們就像是一對完美的組合,各位

  • [S] Now, this isn’t just like a dumpling skin that they scoop in soup and hope for the best.

    Simon: 這不只是一張小籠湯包的皮,你以為他們會把他浸到湯汁裡面

  • No, this is actually really clever.


  • They make the soup and then they gelatinize it, mix it with the meat and then they put it in the dumplings


  • so that when the dumpling warms up the soup melts and becomes a broth.


  • It’s such engineering mastery. Whoever made this, whoever thought of that idea deserves like a Noble Peace Prize in food.

    這根本是工程學(形容得真好XD) 發明這個的人應該要得到諾貝爾美食獎

  • [M] You know what else is great about this? It’s that there are dumplings you have that the skin is too thick

    Martina: 你知道更棒的是什麼嗎? 你常常吃到小籠湯包的皮太厚

  • [S] Yeah. [M] Like, it’s chewy and like you can’t get through it;

    Simon:沒錯 Martina: 譬如說像是太有嚼勁,你咬了很久

  • It’s so thin [S] Yes. [M] And they have all these amazing perfect little twists on the top

    Martina:這個皮超薄的 Simon: 沒錯 Martina:而且它們每一個都被完美的封住

  • and so when you bite into it, it’s got soft at the bottom, a little bit of texture at top


  • [S] Who invented this and can I be your best friend. [M] Yeah.

    Simon: 發明小籠湯包的人,我可以當你最好的朋友嗎? Martina: 就是啊

  • [S] Youre such a smart, smart person [M] Yes. We like you. [S] Bless your soul.

    Simon: 你真是一位很聰明、很聰明的人 Martina: 我們很喜歡你 Simon: 願上帝祝福你

  • there’s a special place in heaven just for you.


  • [M] God’s like: "Din Tai Fung? XiaoLongBao over here."

    Martina: 神會說"鼎泰豐?小籠包在這裡!"

  • [S] XiaoLongBao? More like XiaoLong-Wow. [M] Oh Simon. [S] This is so amazing.

    Simon: 小籠包? 我覺得更像是"小籠wow" Martina: 喔Simon! Simon: 這真是太美好了

  • [M] I will be editing in a high honk sound for that, I just wanna let you know.

    Martina: 我會一直發出很興奮的聲音,先跟你說一下

  • [S] Oh yeah [M] Ok, I don’t even know what green squash is. [S] Squash and shrimp.

    Simon: 喔,來了 Martina: 我連絲瓜是什麼 都不知道 Simon: 絲瓜蝦仁

  • [M] Never once thought of this combination before. [S] Me either.

    Martina:我從來沒想過會有這種組合 Simon: 我也沒有

  • I usually don’t like squash- Ooh, this is a different color broth.


  • [M] Oh man- ooh, it’s more of a clear broth. [S] Oh wow. It has a really fresh taste to it.

    Martina: 喔天啊~這看起來是很清澈的高湯 Simon: wow, 這吃起來真的很清爽

  • [M] You can really taste the squash. [S] Oh yeah.

    Martina: 你真的可以感覺到你在吃絲瓜 Simon: 沒錯

  • [M] It’s almost like a zucchini meets a pumpkin coming together here. - Alright

    Martina: 這很像是櫛瓜跟南瓜的組合

  • [S] Oh, this is lovely.

    Simon: 這太棒了

  • Did you not blow enough on yours?


  • Amateur right there. You don’t deserve to be at this table. Only professional dumpling eaters here.


  • [M] Mine was really hot, look at my eyes. [S] Oh Ducky.

    Martina: 我的很燙欸,你看我的眼睛 Simon: 喔~我的寶貝

  • I just wanna say something really nice about Taiwan.


  • The people to right of us are having different dumplings than what were having


  • and when we looked at them, when we saidoh wow, that looks really nice”, she saysWould you like one?”


  • Which to me it’s totally amazing, because I would never offer anybody one of my dumplings.


  • I wouldn’t, I barely even offer Martina one of my dumplings.


  • but to offer dumplings to a strangerTaiwan, you are good people. Like I’d give up a kidney before a dumpling.

    但是你卻願意給一個陌生人吃你的湯包.... 臺灣,你真是一個好人。我寧願給你我的腎臟也不願意給你我的湯包(好可愛)

  • [M] Look at that. [S] Oh, you see the jiggle? [M] I know. [S] Of that pouch of soup

    Martina: 看看這個 Simon: 喔!你有看到它在搖晃嗎? Martina: 我知道! Simon:裝在裡面的湯汁

  • Oh yeah... oh my god, that broth ismemories of childhood and chicken soup. [M] Wow, that is fantastic, guys.

    喔沒錯,我的天啊!那個高湯就是你小時候記憶裡的雞肉高湯! Martina: Wow,這真是太棒了各位

  • [S] Hey I have a question. Do they just make like a soup out of the broth or only dumplings out of the broth?

    Simon: 我有一個問題。它們的湯汁是從高湯裡做出來的,還是是從小籠湯包裡面做出來的高湯?

  • What if they make a soup out of the soup dumplings? [M] That’s a really good question.

    Simon:如果他們用小籠湯包裡的湯汁做成一碗湯呢? Martina:好問題

  • [S] Only soup, cause I like the soup. [M] Can I just tell you,

    Simon: 就只要湯汁,因為我喜歡湯汁 Martina: 我可以告訴你

  • This really tastes like the most delicious homemade chicken noodle soup jammed inside of a dumpling skin. It’s amazing.


  • [S] Have you ever had the perfect day? Have you ever like just had a whole day that’s perfect?

    Simon: 你有過完美的一天嗎?你有覺得過你人生中有一整天都是完美的嗎?

  • I think today is a perfect day. [M] Oh man. [S] Oh man.

    我覺得今天就是完美的一天 Martina: 喔~天啊! Simon: 喔~天啊!

  • [M] There’s almost like a mushroom flavor in there too. [S] I know.

    Martina: 裡面還有一點香菇的味道 Simon: 我知道!

  • [S] So that’s it for this week’s Food Adventure Program For Awesome People.

    Simon: 那麼,這就是這個禮拜最酷的美食饗宴

  • That was such a glorious, holy experience.


  • If you wanna see more of our Taiwan adventures, make sure you click on the video here because weve eaten so many things in Taiwan.


  • [M] Oh my god, I don’t think we actually had a single bad meal in Taiwan. [S] Not one. [M] We have to come back again.

    Martina: 天啊,我不認為我們在台灣有吃到任何一樣不好吃的東西 Simon: 沒有一樣是不好吃的,我們還要再回來這裡

  • [S] And if you wanna hear which one of these dumplings were our favorite make sure you click on the blog post here

    Simon: 如果你想要吃到那一種小籠湯包是我們最喜歡的,點這裡開啟部落格的文章

  • where were gonna give you a list of the order of hierarchy.


  • [M] Were gonna give you a breakdown that's gonna make you wanna cry when you read the descriptions.

    Martina: 現在我們要讓你們休息一下,當你看到影片的描述時你一定會大哭XD

  • Now, if you excuse me, I’m gonna take both of our pineapple cakes. [S] But one’s for me.

    現在,請容許我去吃一些鳳梨酥 Simon: 一個是我的~

  • [M] and go eat them in a corner somewhere.

    Martina: 你去一邊的角落吃!

  • [S] I’m just gonna go back for some soup dumplings. Screw you.

    Simon: 我還要回去再吃一點小籠湯包,去*的!

[M] It’s time for [Both] Food Adventure Program For Awesome People. [S] The soup dumpling edition.

Martina: 又到了 兩人:最酷的美食饗宴!! Simon: 小籠湯包


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