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  • Welcome to The World in 60 Seconds from FirstFT.

    歡迎來到 FirstFT 的《一分鐘看世界》

  • Discoveries of new oil and gas fields have dropped for fresh 60 year low according to research group by IHS Markit.


  • There are only 174 oil and gas discoveries worldwide last year compared to an annual average of 4 to 5 hundred until 2013.


  • The slowdown shows the world is likely to rely on resources such as U.S. shale oil and gas to meet demand for future decades.


  • China's top foreign exchange regulator has tried to reassure investors in a rare media interview.


  • Pan Gongsheng said the country is not intending to impose capital controls.


  • Moves to keep money onshore after foreign exchange service fell to a five year low in January sparked concern


  • that Beijing is backtracking on promises to liberalize cross-border investment and internationalize its currency.


  • Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau will be the third world leader to meet with Donald Trump on Monday.

    加拿大的總理 Justin Trudeau 在禮拜一時將成為第三位和川普見面的世界領導者

  • He's hoping the U.S. president will make good on his pledge to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.


  • Canada bought 267 billion dollars of U.S. goods and services in 2016,


  • and some 9 million U.S. job depend on trade with the country.


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Welcome to The World in 60 Seconds from FirstFT.

歡迎來到 FirstFT 的《一分鐘看世界》


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