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Look at that girl, Tia.
That boy will beat her up easily.
I don't think she should get into a fight with him.
No, Tofu.
The boy was wrong to have stolen her bag.
And the girl deserves a chance to get it back.
But she is a girl!
She can't win against a boy like that!
She will get hurt.
Just because she is a girl
doesn't mean she has to fear Tofu.
Girls also have a lot of courage and strength.
Do you know of a girl like that?
Yes, I do
her name is MULAN
Mulan? Who is she?
Mulan lived in Ancient China with her parents.
She was their only child.
Her only companion was her dog called Little Brother.
Mulan's father used to be a great warrior
but he had hurt his leg in a war and couldn't fight anymore.
One day, a messenger came from the Emperor.
The Huns – China’s army - had attacked
and at least one man from each army
had been ordered to join the Emperor's Imperial Army.
This was terrible news for Mulan and her family
as it meant that her father would have to go back to war.
That night
when her parents had slept
Mulan had an idea.
She took her father's sword
and cut her hair off.
Then she put on his warrior's uniform
and she looked just like a man!
She took Little Brother
and made her way
to the Imperial army's campsite.
There she met Captain Li Shang.
What is your name?
Ping, Sir!
Very well, then. Time to begin your training.
Mulan was delighted
that everybody had accepted her as a man
and started her training.
Sadly, she lagged behind all the other warriors.
You are not fit to be in my army.
You are slowing everyone down.
Go back to your village!
Returning to her village would have brought great shame to her family
so Mulan came up with another plan.
She wrote a fake letter to the army
saying that the Huns have attacked.
Reading the letter Li Shang ordered his army.
Onward with me
march to the mountains
we shall defeat the Huns forever.
As the army was crossing the pass that lead to the mountains
they found themselves surrounded by thousands of Huns.
We've been cheated.
The Huns were supposed to be in the mountains.
Soon the entire Imperial army was under attack.
Mulan had another idea.
She took the last cannon and let it.
There was a huge blast which destroyed most of the Huns
But it injured Mulan too.
She was rushed to the Doctor's tent.
Bring Ping to this bed
I will take care of him.
But there was a surprise waiting for the Doctor.
Oh my God! Ping is a woman!
Get me Captain Li Shang immediately.
The doctor told the captain what she'd found.
Few days later when the army started moving
Shang spoke to Mulan.
You have cheated me
But you also saved the army in the passes
Hence, your punishment is that
you can no longer be a part of the army
You will not come with us.
Mulan was very upset and heart broken
She needed to do something to save her family's honour
That's when she heard the Hun's voices.
Oh no! the Hun's are still alive!
I must warn the Captain.
And so Mulan raced to Imperial City to warn Shang.
They are alive!
We must prepare for another attack from the Huns.
I cannot trust you anymore.
You have cheated me before.
You are not welcome here, leave!
Mulan tried to inform the other leaders but no one would listen to her.
Meanwhile the Hun leader Shan-Yu attacked the city
and kidnapped the Emperor.
Li Shang and Mulan freed the Emperor.
Mulan then enticed Shan-Yu to follow her to the rooftop.
There she tricked him and grabbed his sword
and pinned his coat to the roof.
As the two armies collided
there was a huge explosion
and the roof was destroyed taking with it Shan-Yu.
Mulan fell to the ground.
When she sat up, she saw that the Imperial Army had won
and the Huns had been banished from the city forever.
The Emperor was very happy with Mulan's bravery
and gifted her a sword as a token of appreciation.
Mulan went home
and presented the sword to her father
who was very happy with the honour
that his daughter had brought to the family.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door
it was captain Li Shang
he’d come to return Mulan her helmet that she’s forgotten
Mulan invited him to stay for dinner
and he graciously accepted.
So you see, Tofu girls can do anything they put their heart to.
Tofu? Are you listening to me?
Yes Tia, I am.
I am just thinking how wrong I was to think
that girls can't fight.
Well, now you know.
So better be very careful before you pick up fight with a girl next time!


【看故事學英文】花木蘭的故事 (Mulan - Full Story For Kids || Disney Princess - A Cool School Storybook)

5161 分類 收藏
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