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Welcome back guys!
Let's continue on our journey,
through Nice, France!
Hello, day 2 in Nice,
we are now on our way to go catch a bus
to St Paul de Vence.
Using Nice as a base, there are a number of towns you can visit for a day trip
we decided to go visit St Paul de Vence.
But first,
we need to grab some breakfast!
Look at all these yummy sandwiches!
and look at this amazing apple tart!
Look, it's Place Massena again!
After breakfast, we caught the bus #400 from Nice to St Paul de Vence
After about an hours bus ride,
we eventually saw St Paul de Vence,
looming in the distance on the mountaintop.
Stepping off the bus,
we couldn't wait to see,
one of the oldest medieval towns
in the French Riviera.
Once you walk past those medieval walls that encircle the town
You will find yourself in a whole different world.
Filled with thousand year old cobblestones
and narrow alleyways.
In St Paul de Vence, every corner you turn is a picture-perfect view
You could spend half a day here just taking photos.
W: Look at this guy here!
Trying to find weird things to take photos of.
A: This is an archer's view, man.
We are at restaurant VIP
in Nice.
Jenny what did you get?
J: "Muscles"...
A: and fries! J: Fries!
A: Cos that's how they eat it here, huh?
F: and chicken and fries...
My mussels arrived too!
Anton's paella...
After lunch we walked down Promenade des Anglais
which runs alongside the beach.
Do you see the sign that says "castel" in the distance?
That's where we're headed to!
the Castle Hill of Nice.
To get to the top of Castle Hill
you can either walk up 213 stone steps
or catch the elevator.
Because it was a really hot summer's day,
we decided to choose the elevator.
Despite it's name
Castle Hill no longer has a castle anymore.
If you were looking forward to seeing a castle
this is all you'll find.
But, don't be disappointed,
because this view is all worth it!
A: Oh no, they're coming up!
W: He's chasing you! He's chasing you! He's going!
W: Oh! J: Here it comes guys!
J: This lift scares me...
W: It does scare me...
Come on! Let's go!
We're heading out to dinner now...
Our Airbnb apartment was so convenient!
It was right near the Notre Dame cathedral.
So we decided to go inside and have a look.
Day number 3! and we're just leaving our apartment now to go get some breakfast
and then we're gonna come back to the apartment
pick up all our luggage
and we're gonna go check out
and go catch a flight to Barcelona!
J: Wooo~
Here we are, back at this place again
for breakfast...
This is what Jenny got today, what is it?
J: Um...
Let's see
It's like chicken and it's got some egg,
lettuce, tomato
and we just copied what Jenny got yesterday, cos it was so good!
A: Joyful! and healthy
and...well not...yeh, it's pretty healthy!
Ooo, it's really hot!
W: They just toasted it, careful.
This stuff is amazing!
A: Yum! sundried tomatoes, goats cheese, some olive oil
bit of...some sort of chutney? J: yeh chutney I think it is.
A: It's fantastic!
(singing) I am so hungry!
but I can't hold my toastie!
it's too hot!
A: Ow ow! W: Look at this one eating away...
A: That was me...yesterday...
Now I know why everyone buys goat's cheese.
it has this uniquely
but also
like cottage or greek yoghurt? sort of?
and with the olive oil, it's crazy good!
Now I know why people are such a fan of olive oil as well...
cos even if you don't get the content and just get the bread part with the olive oil through it...
oh! it's so good!
Because we had 3 people this trip,
it was really difficult to find a hotel that could fit 3 people.
But, fortunately, we had Airbnb!
and that's where we booked this apartment.
This is really cool
Up here there's a bit of a skylight thing.
Where you can just open it up
pop your head out
and see the rooftops of Nice.
We had such an amazing time in Nice!
but it was time to move on to our next destination
At this point, we had already bid farewell to Fad.
who originally picked us up from the airport.
So, to get from our apartment back to the airport
we decided to catch an Uber.
Because we had 3 people
Uber was actually the best option.
Goodbye Nice
Wandering Winny
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
find me on Instagram and Facebook.
See you in the next video!


到法國旅行吧!之二( TRAVEL VLOG #2: Nice, France Part 2/2 - St Paul De Vence Day Trip ♥ MUST SEE in French Riviera ♥

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