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Hi guys!
Let's go on a journey together
to Nice, France
So, we started off our journey in Sydney
from Sydney, we caught a plane to Singapore
where we transferred for another flight
to Zurich and then to Nice.
Hi, we're in Nice!
we're here!
after ummm...
how long?
about 25 hours...
We are waiting to be picked up,
and it is so hot out here.
You have a number of options to get from the airport to the city centre
Fortunately for us, we had a friend come pick us up.
It was about a 15 minutes drive
through coastal views
of the beach and palm trees.
It was a long journey, but we finally made it.
Our first stop was the Notre Dame Cathedral,
followed by a stroll down the main street of L'avenue Jean Medecin
One thing we love to do when we travel,
is to visit local supermarkets and convenience stores.
W: What are you looking for Jenny?
J: Deodorant! So I don't smell...
We visited Nice during Summer,
and one thing we really needed to stock up on,
were some drinks.
We love walking when we travel...
we believe there is no better way to experience a city than through walking.
We eventually reached Place Massena,
the main square of Nice.
Right in the middle of the square
was a huge marble statue of Apollo,
the sun god.
After a day and a half of travelling
and barely any sleep.
It was all worth it,
to be greeted by this view,
of the amazing Nice beach.
After visiting the beach,
we went to explore the old town.
We were really excited to visit the Cours Saleya market,
we were there on a Monday,
and every Monday they have a flea market there,
and we LOVE flea markets!
F: Panache! awww, his name is Panache. Panache!
F: awwww, c'est jolie!
For lunch we found this local takeaway shop near old town.
A: Eat me! Eat me!
W: What's inside this one?
A: This is goat's cheese,
A: Umm..."jah-mun" which is uh...
W & F: Jambon!
A: Jambon, sorry.
A: Which is uh...ham, but cured...
...and also some olives,
and some tomatoes
general salad!
but, looking forward to the goat's cheese.
First thing straight away,
the goat's cheese is really nice and soft!
and then straight into this salty preserved ham
which is really nice...
...and the little bit of olive oil that they put in it,
makes it go down smooth!
Yeh, that's really good!
My sister and I both ordered the crepes.
She got beef and I got chicken!
J: How is it?
W: Tasty!
*cicada sounds*
After lunch we went to grab dessert at one of the most famous gelato places in Nice,
So we're here in Nice,
one thing you have to do is
check out this icecream place.
It has amazing flavours!
At the moment I'm having lavender.
Lavender is really nice actually
and you get that nice lavender fragrance.
and then at the bottom you got cactus,
so if you ever want to eat a cactus...
Really refreshing!
W: What flavours did you get Jenny?
J: I got rose
and pina colada!
Look at the huge selection of interesting flavours!
After all that food, we needed to find a way to work it all off
so we decided to go for a walk
we ended up at the St Nicholas Orthodox cathedral,
which is the largest Russian orthodox cathedral
in all of Western Europe!
Afterwards, we went to the main train station of Nice
to catch a train
to Monte Carlo.
So, we're on the train about 10 minutes away,
and we're gonna hit Monte Carlo soon.
It's so hot!
It feels worse than Sydney,
and I was dumb enough to wear pants
and a polo shirt...
Tourist 101: Always bring shorts!
We just arrived in Monte Carlo...
From the train station, it was a short downhill walk to Port Hercule
From there we headed around the corner through streets full of luxury cars
to reach the Monte Carlo casino.
Monaco is the second smallest country in the world
and it is split into four quarters.
After visiting Monte Carlo, we headed over to one of the other quarters,
Where you can get amazing views like this.
The prince's palace of Monaco
is also located in Monacoville.
At 11:55am everyday
you can see the changing of the guards.
Unfortunately for us,
we arrived pretty late in the day.
But, we still got to catch a glimpse of the changing of the guards
in this less elaborate version, of the ritual.
So, this is a Mediterranean place
that's rated really well with Vegans and Vegetarians.
They have a really good set menu, and as you can see here, the selection is really nice.
A: Vine leaves and we have some uh...
W: Dolmen!
A: ...hommus with olive oil and a little bit of garnish as well.
This is like an eggplant chutney sort of mix...
really really good!
This place was so delicious!
My sister ordered a chicken ratatouille
and Fad ordered a vegetarian ratatouille
and then I ordered a vegetarian tadjine.
Wandering Winny
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
find me on Instagram and Facebook.
See you in the next video!


到巴黎旅行吧!(TRAVEL VLOG #1: Nice, France Part 1/2 - Summer in Nice & Monaco)

1044 分類 收藏
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