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  • Half Life 2 officially supports the Oculus Rift, Pokemon X and Y get a new gameplay trailer,

  • and much more! Hey guys, I'm Jess, and this is the Curse Weekly Roundup.

  • Pokemon X and Y, the first generation of Pokemon games for the 3DS, have received a new gameplay

  • trailer - it's short, but promising, and Nintendo's gearing up for a big Pokemon announcement

  • on Saturday, which we'll fill you in on during our Marriland Pokemon Update on Monday! Show

  • of hands, who's getting these games on launch day? I wanna know WHICH one you're getting

  • though - comment below and tell me whether you'll be picking up X, Y, or neither!

  • And speaking of Nintendo, YouTuber ZackScottGames recently noticed that something odd was happening

  • with his gameplay videos - apparently Nintendo's using YouTube's Content ID system to identify

  • videos containing Nintendo gameplay. They've been claiming ownership of these videos and

  • taking the ad revenue for themselves - low blow, dude. These content creators are essentially

  • giving you free advertising and talking to hundreds of thousands of subscribers about

  • how great your games are....and you're going after the few dollars they would've made off

  • that content? Nintendo, what are you doing? Stahp!

  • Moving right along, Half Life 2 will officially support the Oculus Rift. First off, let's

  • get the obligatory Half Life 3 being delayed joke out of the way. Anyway, the Rift is just...amazing

  • - I actually got to try the demo of EVR on it at Fanfest, and it WAY cooler than I'd

  • even been expecting - I can't wait to see what Half Life 2 will be like on it. Have

  • any of you guys gotten a chance to try the Oculus Rift? Leave me a comment and let me

  • know what you thought of it! And in case you've got one of the dev kits, we'll drop a link

  • in the description with instructions on how to get Half Life 2 on it.

  • In other Valve news, Dota 2's Ti3, or their upcoming third International tournament, has

  • officially reached the largest prize pool in eSports history. They're taking an interesting

  • crowdfunding approach, starting with a prize pool of 1.6 million dollars and increasing

  • it by selling interactive tournament guides. At the time we recorded this, the prize pool

  • had reached ________ and still going! Even if you hate Dota and think League's better

  • - you gotta admit, this is a victory for eSports all around. Oh, and if you wanna catch OUR

  • Dota 2 invitational, remember that's still going on - this is the final weekend of the

  • tournament, and the winner's bracket finals begin at 2 PM Eastern with Liquid versus NaVi.

  • Alright guys, who's gonna win? Comment below and lemme know who you're rooting for.

  • Let's take a break from Valve and talk about Rift - it looks like they're jumping on the

  • Free-to-Play bandwagon - not surprising after SWTOR's quick turnaround, and considering

  • WoW's been dropping subscribers lately. Rift will be free to play as of June 12th, bringing

  • with it the game's update 2.3, titled Empyreal Assault - but spelled all fantasyish and old

  • timey. This update adds a new zone, world event, Chronicle, and "stronghold" challenges.

  • And moving on...back to.more Valve news. A listing for something called Steam Trading

  • Card Beta was found on Steam's servers over last weekend - that's literally ALL we know

  • but that definitely sounds interesting - is this going to be a way to trade items and

  • games, or maybe just a fun little game to amuse us? Go ahead and lemme know what you

  • think in the comments, and whoever has the most creative answer for what Gaben's cooking

  • up this time will win a $20 Steam gift card.

  • THat's all for this week, but go ahead and hit that subscribe button if you haven't already,

  • and give us a like while you're at it if you wanna see more gaming news and giveaways!

  • Thanks for watching, enjoy the game!

Half Life 2 officially supports the Oculus Rift, Pokemon X and Y get a new gameplay trailer,


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半條命2》與Oculus Rift、《口袋妖怪X和Y》獲得新預告片等!每週一輪,5/17 (Half Life 2 with Oculus Rift, Pokemon X and Y gets new trailer, and more! Weekly Round, 5/17)

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