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  • Hey potty mouths, I'm Trace and this is a freaking DNews Short.

    嗨臭嘴們!我是 Trace,歡迎收看 DNews。

  • We've talked before about the history of swearing and how it can relieve physical pain.


  • But now new research published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that people who swear more are associated with higher levels of honesty and integrity!


  • F*** yeah!

    他 x 的,讚啦!

  • I'm super honest!


  • Since swearing is a form of self-expression, the researchers say, "those who do it more are portraying themselves more honestly than those who refrains."


  • So, if you swear like a sailor (and I know I do), you're probably more honest than people who swear less or don't at all!

    所以如果你會像船員一樣罵髒話 (我會),那你或許比起那些不常或完全不罵髒話的人來的誠實!

  • In the study, 276 participants told researchers how much they swear in their daily lives.

    實驗中,276 位受試者告訴研究人員他們在日常生活中罵髒話的頻率。

  • They were given a questionnaire which assesses a person's honesty using what they call a "Lie Scale."


  • By comparing those results with the person's level of swearing, the researchers found out that swearing was associated with higher levels of honesty.


  • In another part of the study, the researchers analyzed over 73,000 Facebook statuses from people in the US.

    在研究的另一部分,研究人員也分析了超過 73,000 則美國使用者臉書動態。

  • The statuses were run through software that was programmed to find swear words and also words that indicate deception.


  • Once again, those who swore more tended to also be those who told the truth.


  • And there are other studies that may back these findings.


  • For example, in criminal cases, innocent suspects were more likely to curse than guilty suspects when denying accusations!


  • Plus, people who swear during jury testimonies are perceived to be more credible.


  • So, the next time your mom yells at you for swearing, just say you were being honest!


  • Science says that's ok.

    科學說這樣 OK !

  • See how it goes.


  • Speaking of lying, is it ever ok to lie?


  • Check out this video to find out.


  • What do you think about these new findings?


  • Do you think people who are swearing are more honest?


  • Let us know down in the freakin' comments and make sure you subscribe, so you get more DNews.

    在下面留言告訴我們,也別忘了訂閱頻道收看更多 DNews 影片。

Hey potty mouths, I'm Trace and this is a freaking DNews Short.

嗨臭嘴們!我是 Trace,歡迎收看 DNews。

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