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  • The Mixed-Up Chameleon

  • On a shiny green leaf

  • sat a small green chameleon.

  • You could hardly see it.

  • It moved onto a brown tree

  • and turned

  • brownish.

  • Then it rested on a red flower

  • and turned

  • reddish.

  • When the chameleon moved slowly across the yellow sand,

  • it turned

  • yellowish.

  • When it was cold and hungry,

  • it turned grey and dull.

  • It sat still

  • and waited.

  • Only its eyes moved.

  • Up,

  • down, sideways,

  • until it spotted a fly.

  • The chameleon’s long and sticky tongue shot out

  • and caught the fly.

  • When it was warm and had something to eat

  • it turned sparkling green.

  • That was its life.

  • It was not very exciting.

  • But one day...

  • ...the chameleon saw a zoo!

  • It had never seen so many beautiful animals.

  • The chameleon thought:

  • How small I am,

  • how slow,

  • how weak!

  • I wish I could be big and white like a polar bear.

  • And the chameleon’s wish came true.

  • But was it happy?

  • No!

  • I wish I could be handsome

  • like a flamingo.

  • I wish I could be smart

  • like a fox.

  • I wish I could swim

  • like a fish.

  • I wish I could run

  • like a deer.

  • I wish I could see things far away

  • like a giraffe.

  • I wish I could hide in a shell

  • like a turtle.

  • I wish I could be strong

  • like an elephant.

  • I wish I could be funny

  • like a seal.

  • I wish I could be like people.

  • Just then

  • a fly flew by.

  • The chameleon was very hungry.

  • But the chameleon

  • was very mixed-up.

  • It was a little of this and it was a little of that.

  • And it couldn’t catch the fly.

  • I wish I could be myself.

  • The chameleon’s wish came true.

  • And it caught the fly!

The Mixed-Up Chameleon


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混世變色龍(非常飢餓的毛毛蟲及其他故事)》。 (The Mixed-Up Chameleon (The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Stories))

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