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  • Edward John "Edd" China is an English TV presenter, mechanic, motor specialist

  • and inventor. He is best known as being presenter and mechanic on Discovery

  • Channel's TV show Wheeler Dealers but has featured in numerous television

  • programmes over the years, including Top Gear, Scrapheap Challenge and Fifth

  • Gear. China is managing director of two

  • companies, Grease Junkie, an MOT and Servicing Garage, the website for which

  • also sells Wheeler Dealers and Grease Junkie merchandise; and Cummfy Banana

  • Limited, an outlet for his wacky automotive creations and world record

  • attempts. China holds many Guinness World Records,

  • including the fastest shed, toilet, bed, milk float and the largest motorised

  • shopping trolley in the world. Early life

  • China had an interest in cars and all things mechanical from a young age. He

  • was educated at King Edward's School, Witley and holds a degree in Engineering

  • Product Design from London South Bank University.

  • While at University, China created the Casual Lofa, which was his first major

  • project of note. It was built to raise money for a Raleigh International

  • expedition to Belize. Television career

  • Guest Appearances 1994 - Following the success of his

  • creation of the Casual Lofa, he got his first job in television as a special

  • effects technician on Father Ted.1998 - China appeared as a guest on Top Gear

  • Live, driving the Casual Lofa at the Silverstone 'Live Arena'. The same year,

  • China and the Casual Lofa were also featured on Jeremy Clarkson's DVD "The

  • Most Outrageous Jeremy Clarkson Video In The World.... Ever!", where the Casual

  • Lofa was raced at the Thruxton Circuit. China was also featured on Channel 4's

  • The Big Breakfast three times over the years, driving the Casual Lofa, Bog

  • Standard and Street Sleeper.2000 - China was a guest on Scrapheap Challenge in an

  • episode featuring driving beds and sofa cars. In the same year, China was

  • featured in an episode of the UK TV show This Is Your Life featuring Madness

  • Frontman Suggs. China drove presenter Michael Aspel around old haunts and

  • delivered Aspel to the television studios on the Casual Lofa.2001 - China

  • was interviewed about all of Cummfy Banana's vehicles on ITV's Pulling

  • Power.2002 - China was resident designer on the BBC series Panic Mechanic, and

  • was also a guest on Top Gear feature "Build a Bond Car On A Budget", where he

  • showcased a Rover 800 that had been modified with budget Bond-esque gadgets,

  • such as an ejection seat, for merely £100.2003 - China was a part of an

  • expert team converting a Milk Float into a drag racer on Channel 4's Monster

  • Garage.2005 - China was a celebrity guest on BBC show Ready Steady Cook for

  • a Children in Need special.2006 - China was interviewed on ITV's This Morning

  • about his Cummfy Banana vehicles.2007 - Owing to his Guinness World Record

  • attempts, China was featured in many programmes including Fifth Gear, Pulling

  • Power and This Morning showcasing his Cummfy Banana creations.2008 & 2009

  • China was a guest on The Culture Show, being interviewed and driving Arthur

  • Smith and various other performers around the Edinburgh Festival.

  • The double-deck cars in Top Gear were also manufactured by China.

  • He, along with Penny Mallory, Tony Mason and Alex Riley presented a UK television

  • mini series that examined the history and culture of classic cars, and geared

  • toward classic-car enthusiasts called "Classic Car Club" for Discovery which

  • premiered in 2005. Other work

  • China owns an MOT and Servicing Garage in Bracknell, Grease Junkie. He does not

  • work at the garage due to time constraints from his filming schedule,

  • but has chosen the mechanics who work there with a view to providing superior

  • service and ability than rival garages. Following the success of his creations

  • as a special effects technician on the comedy television programme Father Ted,

  • China set up Cummfy Banana Limited, in March 1999, as an outlet for his extreme

  • creations and world record attempts. Guinness World Records

  • Personal life China has particularly keen interest in

  • anything to do with design, science, mechanics and things that move. His most

  • current projects include the design and creation of an electric production model

  • of the sofa-car, as well as an electric vehicle-charging system for Vevox

  • Systems. China lives and works in Maidenhead with

  • his wife Imogen. References

  • External links Edd China's Facebook Page

  • Grease Junkie Website Edd's Twitter account

  • Wheeler Dealers Official Website Edd's YouTube account

  • Cummfy Banana Website

Edward John "Edd" China is an English TV presenter, mechanic, motor specialist


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